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Getting out of bed was hard. It was always hard, but today it was particularly challenging.


Because he was tied to the bed.

It took him a moment to connect the dots. Yes, it was a bed, but no, it wasn’t his. And he was strapped to it with duct tape.

What the hell?

The sticky silver ran from under the mattress, around his left wrist, across his body and around his right wrist and back under the bed. His ankles were similarly restrained.

His brain must be working slow because it was only then he realised he wasn’t in his room. Where?

Most of the space was dark, a single lamp stood in one corner to his left, but lit up little. There were tiles on the floor, fixtures in the walls, a sink. It looked like an old hospital room.

There was a dark stain on the floor.

And a musty smell in the air.

He tried to say something, but his mouth wouldn’t open, and he realised the same tape was plastered across his face.

A blink. Something was definitely wrong with his head. Thinking was sluggish.

What had happened?

His memory staggered, first pulling up a complete blank. That set the adrenalin flowing into his bloodstream and his mind cleared just a little more.

A woman.

A gorgeous, beautiful woman. His wife. His Kay.

A wave of sadness swept over him. He had left her.

And they had all died anyway.

It hit him like a tsunami. He had been pleading, screaming.

A man.

Cold green eyes.


So many children, so many lives, so many…oh god.

His head spun.

His vision blurred.


Who? He looked to his right and a figure appeared beside the bed.

Not tall, maybe Asian? Dark haired at least. White coat.

Hate in his eyes.


“I can tell you don’t know who I am, and honestly I’m not surprised.” Thinned lips thinned even further. “If you are expecting answers, be aware that you will have to work for them.” A sickly smile. “Perhaps plead for them.”


“And now I see fear in your eyes.” The smile widened. “Good.”


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