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Hmm, taghiatis sounds like some kind of disease…

Virgil stared at the lumpy protrusion growing out of his shin. Oh my goodness, it was a taghiatis! All purple and green, kinda pickle-like (yeah, @vegetacide , I said the P word :D).

Anyway, @akireyta has proposed we share old fics. Well, none of my Thunderbirds fics are older than five months, since I’ve only been writing since July. 

I will shout out the first two I ever wrote since they are the oldest

  • No-one is losing their dad today (I really wish I had thought of a better title, also the first post on this blog, I think)
  • A Good Day (still one of my favourites and proof that I can write a fic about Virgil without him being injured in any way :D) Also, the epilogue – A Little Understanding (which isn’t as good as the fic, but exists anyway).

Now, if you have read any of my fic, you’ll know I pretty much write Virgil-focussed fic. I also read the same, so here is a shout out for a few of my favs.

  • Thunderbirds: a collection – Chapter 25 The Human Touch by @the-lady-razorsharp (I’ve raved before, I’ll rave again – this one will rip your heart out and then shove it back in again. It’s short, but wow.)
  • A Small Rescue by Nalina (this is one of my absolute favourite Virgil stories, if you like Virgil, and you haven’t read it, read it now).
  • Acid Test by Jaime-Sam (Ouch, poor Virg, but so well done – Virgil isn’t sleeping and it is not good – they find out why)
  • A Quiet year by Purupuss (Omigod, if you haven’t read this mega tome and its prequel, Brothers in Arms, put aside a couple of days and do it now. The character development in this is fantastic, and there is whump and empathy and, oh I really hope she is still writing the sequel).
  • What Brothers are for by Eriphi (Fantastic Virgil!whump, oh the determination in our boy. Ah, love it!)
  • Consequences by Kimmy.Tosh (Virgil and Alan are involved in a fatal car accident – the resulting impact on the family is extremely well written and there is some great character development. A great read.)
  • Counterpoint by Swallow and Amazon (This may have had an influence on Sotto Voce. It is about Virgil and Eos, I think, the only other fic I have found that pairs the two of them together. And it is stunningly beautiful. Read it.)

Okay, I’ll stop there otherwise I will just blabber for hours. Find the authors above and read all their other stuff as well. There are plenty more to be recc’d and I will do so at another time.

Now I gotta go do some writing myself!

Enjoy! And if you’ve read them before, read them again, they are all worth it 😀

(off the edge, but learning to fly)

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