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Sorry, fell asleep on the couch. May write more if insomnia strikes.

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Taking his eyes from the road for just a moment, he glanced at her and smiled. “Comfortable?”

A half smile back at him. “Of course.” She bit her lip, only to broaden her smile. “I hope I get to drive at some point.”

He arched an eyebrow and she grinned. Virgil was well known for not sharing his Thunderbird, she had no doubt a similar possessiveness existed over his toys.

But he surprised her. “Would you like to drive now?”

It was her turn to bend an eyebrow. “No, no, I…am happily enjoying the view.” And she glanced out the window, trying to hold back another grin.

“Okay.” She looked at him through her eyelashes to find him concentrating calmly on the road, a familiar Virgil-esque slight smile on his face.

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