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Sometime after this ::cackles evilly:: It is all your fault, wonderful inspirators.

The press were having a field day.

Dressed head to toe in a sleek grey suit, blue tie and his hair so dressed in product, the wind didn’t have a chance, Scott was the point of an arrowhead of Tracys. Virgil walked on his right, John on his left, and Gordon and Alan behind them respectively.

None of them had a smile on their faces, and all were similarly dressed, broad shoulders and expensive fabrics. One of the rare occasions that shouted the power they wielded and the money they owned.

Kayo strode ahead of them, similarly attired for business, but that didn’t stop her from asserting her security muscle as needed to move the press out of their path.

Unfortunately, they were unable to move very fast as one, as Virgil was still hampered by his injuries. It was tactical on their lawyers’ part. Show the judge exactly what injuries Fischler had been responsible for. Scott still sported his wrist brace, but had otherwise recovered. Virgil’s face still bore the yellows and greens of bruising, the damage to his forehead blatant and painful to look at, and, of course, his arm was still in a cast, but it was his ribs that were slowing them down. Movement still hurt and this was going to be a tiring day for his brother.

Not to mention having his injuries plastered all over the world’s holoprojectors.

It set Scott’s blood boiling.

“Scott Tracy! Do you have a response to Langstrom Fischler’s accusations that International Rescue are out to ruin him?” Holocams buzzed around like bees as they reached the entrance to Wellington’s District Court, and the press moved in on them.

Scott instinctively stepped in front of Virgil and out the corner of his eye he saw Gordon step up to his brother’s side.

“No comment.”

Scott was well known to the world’s media as a very private individual. The only reporter who had ever managed a decent interview was Kat Cavanaugh, and popular opinion believed she had had to break both her legs to get it.

Secretly he enjoyed the mystique that surrounded his public figure. It gave him a modicum of power and respect, and considering some of the people he had to interact with out in the field, he needed all the respect he could muster.

Kayo made her presence known and a path opened before them. Scott nudged Virgil behind him and led his brothers through the gauntlet. He registered John dropping to the back of the line, bracketing the youngest between them.

Virgil muttered something incomprehensible to himself.

And as one they entered the building.


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