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Sharing the Scenery

I was looking at my phone while sitting in the audience of my daughters’ school end of year concert when I discovered the prompt. I scribbled down the beginnings of this but had to stop as the production started. So here I am at 11.30pm four hours later with the scene complete. I hope you enjoy it 😀

Oh, and in other news…I’m now on leave from work for four weeks! So with a bit of luck, I might have some more time to write – still have to run the business, do my tax, make jewellery, I have a new website to design, a presentation to build, another website to overhaul, and a booklet to layout and design to go with that presentation, plus a house to spring clean and a holiday away to prepare for, but hey, time off work!!!

Title: Sharing the Scenery
Warm Rain Series
Author: Numnut
27 Sep 2018
Fandom: Thunderbirds Are Go 2015/ Thunderbirds TOS
Rating: Teen
Summary: “We have some great palm trees.”
Word count: 1030
Spoilers & warnings: Virgil/Kayo 
Author’s note: Another little scene in this universe – prompted by this post. Set sometime after Lug Day. I hope you enjoy the scenery 😀
Disclaimer: Mine? You’ve got to be kidding. Money? Don’t have any, don’t bother.


The sun had hit that angle in the late afternoon where it gold plated everything. Kayo nursed her glass of water and wandered out onto the balcony, taking a moment to just enjoy the scenery and breathe in the fresh air of the approaching evening. Birds and the distant roar of the ocean were the only sounds on the breeze. Except for…she took a further step out…grunting?

And there beneath on the patio was Virgil.

Exercising. Two hands on the concrete, shoulders flexing in that same golden light as he forced his body into a series of energetic push-ups. Fast paced, a thin film of sweat on his bare skin, he was really pushing himself.

He wore only a pair of board shorts, a knee wrap and no shoes.

She frowned. He had been grounded for weeks since the incident in Guatemala. Throwing himself untethered from a speeding train to save a child who had been thrown out a window had resulted in road rash down the length of one side of his back, the friction of his slide across the asphalt burning through his uniform and grating skin. That and an awful concussion, despite his helmet, and a wrenched knee.

The child had survived with only minor injuries, Virgil wrapping his body around the little girl as they fell.

Kayo had been the one to apprehend the perpetrator. The sight of her brother falling and skidding, tumbling…

She grit her teeth.

There was very little left of the bloodied mess she had seen when Scott had picked him off the road. It would never be the smooth unblemished skin it had been. It was mottled and still somewhat dark. It looked rough.

She wanted to touch, to reassure…

A frown and she mentally shook herself.

His grunts continued.

She sipped her water.

The birds called and the waves crashed in the distance.

Moving to the edge of the balcony, she lowered herself to sit cross-legged on the decking, content to simply watch the world around her.

And Virgil.

The man was an enigma.

She wondered what meeting him would be like if she never knew him. Met him in a street somewhere, not knowing about International Rescue, not knowing the determined man behind the gentle voice. What would she have made of him?

Outwardly he was quiet, socially reserved, calm and practical. There was nothing brash or boastful about Virgil. He was an achiever who never really shouted about himself. His brothers had trophies and ribbons and careers that spoke of their achievements. Virgil…Virgil was no less an achiever, yet, he had little bling to show for it.

Unless you counted the scars.

She knew he would say that the road rash was worth it. If it was hers for the same reason, she would agree, but it was harder when it was someone you loved who had to suffer for the cause.

He had moved to one armed push ups now. She hoped he wasn’t pushing it too hard.

Virgil hated being grounded. For a man who teased his eldest brother unceasingly about his need for speed and to be in the air, he wasn’t much different on that front. His beloved green ‘bird nursed his heart and soul.

She smiled wondering what would happen if Virgil found a woman to share that heart. How would she manage the competition?

Hopefully she would realise that there would be no competition. Virgil had the biggest heart she knew. That little girl he caught was only the tip of the iceberg.

Another swallow of water to try and loosen her throat.

It was an old fear. That one day one or more of her brothers wouldn’t return from a rescue. It was one of the reasons she had worked for Thunderbird Shadow, one of the reasons why she trained so hard, the reason why she was head of IR security.

There was nothing more important that protecting the five souls who could save so many others.

And let her hell rain forth on any who dared hurt them.

The sack of dirt on the train in Guatemala? He wouldn’t be walking for a while.

Virgil lowered himself to the concrete one last time before pushing off and bounding to his feet.

Walking away from her, he grabbed a towel off one of the lounges and began his cool down routine with a series of stretches.

She didn’t miss him favouring his weak knee.

Damn, he had over done it.

The sun was laying the last of its gold for the afternoon, heading toward sunset, catching his dark hair lighting it aflame. The breeze made it flicker.

She found herself staring at his shoulders again.

A sigh.

He was definitely well built.


And she was ogling her brother.

Growing up in a sea of testosterone had a tendency to mute her reactions to men. Virgil was her brother, not eye candy.

And he chose that very moment to turn around and notice her.

Their eyes locked.

His widened and, to her surprise, grew alarmed. “Kayo?”

She didn’t let her consternation show, simply bringing her glass to her lips once again for a deep drink. Swallowing, she peered down at him. “Yes, Virgil?”

“How long have you been sitting there?”

A slow smile. “Long enough.”

His eyelids lowered into a half-hearted glare. “Enjoying the view?”

“Definitely.” A smirk. “We have some great palm trees.”

Another glare, but he couldn’t hide the slight smile on his lips. “Yes, we do.”

There was an awkward silence after that. She found it perplexing. What did they have to be awkward about?

His smile was somewhat shy. “Well, I’m off to have a shower.”

A small smile of her own. “Take it easy, Virgil.”

He caught her meaning, his shoulders stiffening just slightly. “Yes, ma’am.”

“I want to see you in the sky.”

His eyes shot at her, a mixture of emotion swirling in their chocolate. “You will.”


And he disappeared underneath the balcony.

She drank the last of her drink, her thoughts about her brother bouncing around her head.

The palm trees swayed in the wind.

Yes, the scenery was definitely beautiful.


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