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Okay, this is entirely @the-lady-razorsharp ‘s fault. I should be writing the end of Gentle Rain, but no, I’m writing Tales of Gentle Rain instead ::headdesk::

This has no plot and is little more than a scene that goes nowhere. It is set somewhere after the not finished Gentle Rain fic. It is entirely based on the above post, Lady R tagged me in. And there is only Scott and Em in this, so no Virg ::misses him terribly:: This is pure Gentle Rain.

Oh, and apologies for my brief disappearance over the last day or so, Nutty wasn’t well for a bit and was reduced to just watching TAG rather than writing it…and on my birthday no less ::pouts:: But I’m better now and writing again, even if it isn’t what I’m supposed to be writing ::glares at Lady R::

At the end of this week I am finally on three weeks holiday…so hanging out for it. Work is heavy duty at the moment and I’m drowning.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this fic. Don’t expect too much, then you might enjoy it 😀

(found the edge again, flexing my wings)

Title: Scooter

Gentle Rain

Within the Warm Rain

Author: Gumnut

17 Feb 2019

Thunderbirds Are Go 2015/ Thunderbirds TOS

Rating: Teen

Summary: More
than a nickname.

Word count: 1299

Spoilers &
warnings: Scott/OC, Scott/Em

Timeline: Sometime
after ‘Gentle Rain’.

Author’s note: For @the-lady-razorsharp
because it is all her fault.

Disclaimer: Mine?
You’ve got to be kidding. Money? Don’t have any, don’t bother.


The evening
breeze tangled in her hair as he led her down to the shore, his hand ever warm
in hers. She could almost close her eyes and let him lead her, let the breeze
touch her skin, let her control go…but no. Her mind would not allow it.

The hoverscoot
beneath her was a poor substitute for the sand between her toes memory gave
her. She found herself watching his bare feet as he slipped off his sandals and
couldn’t help the rush of envy. But she shunted it aside. No need to dwell on
something she would never experience again.

Halfway to the
water, he stopped, and with a smile drew her close.

Her fingers on
the ‘scoot’s controls flickered her closer and his arms wrapped around her. A
soft kiss and he was smiling.

“Kayo tells me
you haven’t been swimming for a long time.”

She blinked.

“No, don’t blame
her. I asked, she was concerned.”

“About what?”

“Island. Ocean.

Em rolled her
eyes. “You have got to be kidding me.”

“Hey, it is a
justifiable concern.”

She eyed him,
suspicious, and his smile widened. “Okay, fly-boy, what are you up to?”

His eyes sparkled
in the sunset. “Do you trust me?”

“Do I have a
choice?” The sparkle dimmed just a second, and she was forced to capitulate,
reaching up to touch his cheek. “Of course, I do.” And she drew him down for
another kiss. “I’m sorry, my sense of humour can scorch.”

He didn’t seem to
mind, his lips reaching for hers again, his tongue thoroughly exploring her
mouth. She gasped when he finally let her go. “God, Scott.”

Of course, his
grin at that was confidence in the extreme, those damn dimples displaying in
their full glory. His arms were around her and she revelled in his closeness,
his scent, the thin t-shirt hiding his muscular body. God, he was gorgeous.

“Em, do you trust
me?” His expression was more serious.

“Yes, yes, I do.”

“Do you trust me
to carry you? Into the water?”

She couldn’t help
but glance at the lagoon. She was vulnerable in the water. She had strength in
her arms, but no movement in her stumps to balance. Swimming was possible, but she
had never been confident, even when she was fully mobile. “Why?”

“Why not?”

Still she

He touched her
cheek, his finger trailing to her chin. “Trust me?”

Man up, Em.

She backed
towards the rocky ledge at the edge of the beach and lowered the ‘scoot to
settle it securely, before disengaging it and shedding the palm sensors.
Reaching down, she undid the harness, and lifted the cotton dress she was
wearing above her head, discarding it on the rock beside her. This left her
exposed. Her sports bra and specially made protective closed-end shorts
covering her stumps. She found it difficult to look at him.

“Em?” His finger
touched her chin again and she found herself caught in his gaze. He didn’t say
anything, just kissed her softly.

Before she could
chicken out, she reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck and he
crouched, lifting her. For a split second she was far above water, falling, but
she shook herself mentally. His arms were strong around her.

And besides, this
wasn’t the first time he had held her.

He kissed the
side of her neck as he straightened, shifting her weight. “Comfortable?”

Em nodded into
his neck, her voice caught in her throat.


“I’m good.”

“Are you sure?
You tell me immediately if you want anything.” He snorted. “That nickname of
Scooter is coming true.”


“Oh, four
brothers with very little imagination in the naming department. ‘Scott’, ‘Scooter’,
long term nickname.” He walked across the sand and she found the sway of his
body strangely calming.

“So, can you

“In a category
five hurricane.”

Despite herself,
she grinned. “You’ll do.”

His feet reached
the water and he strode in confidently. The surf was little at this point in
the lagoon, the bay thoroughly protected by the island across the caldera.

“Do you swim?” It
was likely a stupid question, but she wanted to keep the conversation going. A

The water was now
above his knees, the sway of his body compensating for the drag. “Yes, but not
as well as Gordon.”

“Gordon? Of
course, aquanaut.”

“And Olympic gold

“Really? Bloody
hell, you are a talented bunch.”

He snorted again.
“And yet, none of us are doctors.”

The water touched
her body, but she couldn’t feel it. Her grip tightened anyway.

He stopped
walking, the water was only up to his waist. “You okay?”

“I’m fine.”

“I won’t let go.”

“I know.” As if
any of this was rational.

“How about we
stick to your depth.”

“What up to your

He arched an

Okay, that was a
bit petulant of her. “Alright, though I have to say that around you and your
brothers, I am continually finding myself out of my depth.”

He blinked. “Really?”


He laughed. “You
know better than that.” And he was folding himself, lowering her gently into
the cool water. She shivered as it crossed her belly. His voice deepened. “Besides,
you help keep me from drowning.”

And suddenly they
were both up to their shoulders in the gently lapping waves. The weightlessness
wrapped around her body and lifted her, but still there was the warmth of
muscle through his t-shirt, holding her close as he knelt in the sand.

The salt on the
air teased her.

She was nose to
nose with him. She didn’t hesitate, tipping her head to the side and taking his
lips with hers. He was all heat and salt and, oh god, so strong. He held her
even closer, a mumble swallowed by her kiss.

God, how was this
possible. It was like a bloody fairytale. The great bold hero, saving her life,
rescuing her from peril, except first she saved his and helped save his
brother’s, and now…thought was difficult with his tongue exploring her mouth
yet again.

His fingers were
tangling in her half-wet hair.

attempted to climb the remains of her spine, but she fought it. She deserved
this. He was gorgeous, and she half the woman she used to be, but she was worth
it. Her mind scrabbled at the concept, desperate to convince herself and squash
the doubts.

They broke off
for air and his head leant back just enough for her to catch his eyes. His
pupils were wide in the dimming light, the orange of the sunset casting his
skin in gold.

He simply smiled
at her.

And her heart
melted. Bloody hell, he was stunning.

He must have read
it in her expression, because the smile became a grin.

Her face heated
up in embarrassment and she buried her head against his shoulder, his soft
laughter in her ear. She became acutely aware of his hand on the small of her
back, her bare skin touching his. His other hand was running fingers through
her hair. Her diaphragm up hard against his body.

The sunset
sparkled off the ripples in the water.

Doubts threatened
to drown her.

“Em?” His voice
was soft.

She held him
tighter with the only strength she had.

A seabird,
somewhere far above them, let out a long and lonely call.

She straightened
in his grip, forcing herself beyond those doubts and facing him as an equal.
One hand steadied her grip, while the other reached up to touch his face.
“Thank you, Scooter.”

His eyes sparkled
at her, his grin widening as her fingers slipped into his hair.

“Anytime.” He
leant down and kissed her again. His voice little more than breath. “Anytime.”



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