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This popped into my head because of something @gumnut-logic said about a prompt she had found–the boys being older and reflecting on their past and IR. I had gone to bed last night, but was unable to sleep because it was running through my head so I got up and wrote it. As such, I am completely blaming Nutty for me not getting to sleep until late XP 

Virgil was sitting in a chair next to the window. It was his favorite place to sit when it was too chilly to sit outside. Of course the cold seemed to get to him easier than it had in the past—who would have thought he’d have issues with the temperature on a tropical island?

The island had been their father’s when they had finally convinced him to retire. They had hired a live in nurse to help him when they had noticed him start to struggle with mundane things. He argued for a year after she had arrived, but they thought he had become quite smitten with her after a while—though he would never admit it, his heart always and forever belonged to their mother.

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Aaargh, how can I both love something and cry about it at the same time????? This was gorgeous, but I’m whimpering.

The shaky hand that couldn’t draw anymore hit home hard – I fear seeing that day with my own hands ::wails:: And no piano!!!! Virg can’t play the piano, how does he get his stress relief???

Oh, the nasties of old age ::dreads:: Yet the beauty of the next generation.

@the-lady-razorsharp come flail with me.

Thank you for this @cttagverse I’m incredibly honoured…and wow…and teary…and nope they are never getting old…never, I say!

Sorry for spreading the lack of sleep ::hugs::


(Forever young, they are forever young….and not in the dead sense, but in the riding powerful rockets and forever saving the day sense, buff and beautiful…and…yeah, read the name, expect the same :D)

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