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Random Thunderbirds AU ideas

I’m an ideas person. I have lots of them. Unfortunately I don’t action most of them.

Here are a few Thunderbird AU ideas that have floated through my head in the last fifteen minutes or so. I might do something with them, I might not. Though I would be interested if anyone is interested in any of them 😀

Steampunk Thunderbirds

I think this one in particular would be a fantastic fan art opportunity (I wish I had the time and skill set to pull it off 😀 ). Lots of Victorian era clockwork and the boys in leather with lots of gadgets. Brains would have a ball 😀

Medieval Thunderbirds

You’re on a runaway horse and this mysterious stranger with a sword strapped to his back rushes in to save you. Lots of leather (again) and steel. Hidden science and the threat of witchcraft (yeah, I’m blurring the centuries, shoot me), a network of underground tunnels and a link with the crown.

Da Vinci Thunderbirds

Renaissance Europe. Da Vinci-esque inventions (aka Brains has a beard). Flight of the wooden and skeletal kind. The age of exploration, the threat of the Medicis and the politics of Elizabethan England.

Wing!fic Thunderbirds

Noted here because I might actually do something with this. I has concepts in my brain.

So yeah, these all appear fascinating to play with 😀

Oh, and incidentally the Tumblr app is a piece of crap. I had to re-write most of this because I accidentally touched the wrong bit of the screen and lost it all. ::glares at it:: Advice to all, never compose in the Tumblr app. Use a word processing program, this is not the first time this has happened to me ::sticks app with sharp objects::


(If only I had the time and skill :D)

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