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The Harvard AU

Being a new masterpost for the collected works surrounding The Harvard Hypocrite. The art above is from the inimitable @neontsuba​ and is a fairly obvious reference.

A Known DeviantUnknown and Lost@intelligentgravity

Prequel, the two stories that started the series. Mainly concerning Gordon, came about as an offshoot of Heavenward. Here is a post explaining how these two fics happened in the first place and how Harvard as an AU followed on from them.

The Harvard Hypocrite@tb5-heavenward and @space-baegel

Being a story about family and addiction and the reasons you hate your siblings sometimes. A very intense little piece that takes place over a weekend, and sets up the rest of this series. 30k, written round robin between me and baegel.

Close Quarters@tb5-heavenward

Incredibly, an even MORE intense piece covering about a twenty-four hour period in the aftermath of The Harvard Hypocrite. 75k, all Virgil’s POV. Some of my favourite pieces of art and flavour.

Good Fathers@tb5-heavenward

A short piece from Jeff’s perspective, concerning how it feels to be the father of an addict, and how to go forward. 14k.

Shared Spaces@thelastswallow

One of the best gifts I’ve ever been given and one of my all time favourite fics. Swallow is easily one of the best writers I know and she brings such depth and pathos to the addition of Scott into this story. 26k.

Texting Free on Evenings & Weekends@tb5-heavenward and @thelastswallow with some serious help from @theoldaeroplane

Hard to explain, better to experience, but only once you’ve read Shared Space, which this MULTI-MEDIA EXPERIENCE takes place during the course of.

Shifting the Sun – Easionia During

There’s a thing that happened with Heavenward and now it’s a thing that’s happened with Harvard, where it’s become an AU of an AU, and spiraled off into a crossover with another universe. This one is ongoing, and concerns someone who crosses paths with Scott and John in their lives as they exist post Shared Spaces. 22k, and counting.

@gumnut-logic since you asked!

Here I am sitting at breakfast a complete zombie, drinking the dregs of a bottle of coke I bought five days ago and 100kms away, opened two days ago, and just need the caffeine to function while looking at a full day of work on a 39C day, followed by errands that may see me home around 7.30pm tonight. I have no time to write, no time for anything really.

And I’m offered this legendary fic to read.

That’s why it’s called International Rescue.

::curls up in the back of my head, a little fearful of what is going to happen to our wonderful John…which is why I haven’t attempted it before, but now is the time:: See you on the other side 😁


(Thankyou @preludeinz ::huggles:: )

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