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Prank War III – The Unicorn

Feeling a little better. I should be, I’ve spent the entire day reading in bed. Finally found enough energy to actually write something. Whether that something is any good, well, I doubt it, but it could be better than nothing…maybe 😀 I hope you get a smile at least.

Again, @vegetacide ‘s fault, Warm Rain vaguely, Virgil/Kayo, crackfic, and I don’t think Virg is ever going to forgive me. Also, Scott is dreaming of places even further away.

From here.

There was a unicorn in her living room.

Kayo stood in the doorway and stared. It had been a long day and she was tired. To come home and find a white pony with a horn strapped to its head wandering around in her quarters was disturbing to say the least.

Not to mention the red rose petals scattered all over the floor, the lounge, the bookcase…


She knew his day had been busy as well and it was rather late. She had expected to find him asleep. Thunderbird Two had been across the Pacific today, helping with a forest fire in California. While fires were one of Virgil’s specialities, they always took a lot out of him and he was usually exhausted.

There was a thump of something hitting the floor in the bedroom.

Kayo dropped her bag and hurried across the room only to encounter Virgil as he emerged from the darkness rubbing his face. “Kay?”

She couldn’t help it. She stared.

Virgil’s hair was white.

And sparkly.

She blinked.

And he was wearing makeup. Lots of it. Not particularly well done and some of it smudged by his hands.



Her love was always dopey upon awakening. The man slept like the dead and had just as much trouble reanimating as the dead in the morning. It wasn’t morning, and frankly she was surprised he had awoken at her call…but then, thinking back, he always woke when she called.

“Gagh!” He was staring at his hand, which he had raised to touch her face.

His fingernails sparkled in the living room lights due to several different colours of iridescent nail polish, one for each finger.

And then he was looking down at himself. He wore only his pyjama pants, his chest bare except for apparently randomly placed sequins.


“What the hell?!”

The unicorn startled at his yell and whinnied loudly.

Virgil’s eyes nearly fell out of his head.


It was a roar, a tsunami of sound. And he was moving.

Kayo put a hand to her mouth as he pushed past, his tail glittering as much as his toenails.


Scott was tired. His arm throbbed where he had whacked it earlier in the day and he was anticipating a lovely bruise to match when he finally got to the showers.

He didn’t expect to be bowled over in the corridor by a raging Mardi Gras reject.

Virgil, at least he thought it was Virgil by the size of him, barrelled down the corridor streaking glitter, white dust and rose petals.

Scott sneezed as he passed. “Virg, what the hell?”

His brother paused only for a moment, his heavily whited out face, hair and accented eyes fairly vibrating with ire. “I’m going to kill him.”

Scott bit his lip, swallowed and did his best not to burst out laughing. “Virg, you have a tail.”

Virgil blinked, glanced down, and a cloud of white powder defied gravity above his hair as fury vibrated up his body. “Where is he?!”

Scott shrugged. “If I were him, I’d be on another planet.” Actually that sounded quite attractive. He idly wondered if Uncle Lee on Mars would mind a visit.

He was knocked out of his thoughts as a small white unicorn attempted to spear him from behind with its horn.

Fortunately the horn was fake and simply twisted off centre as the pony shoved him out of the way and trotted off into the darkness.


Scott just stared.

Virgil snarled. Yes, that was definitely a snarl. And stormed off down the corridor.

Scott’s eyes bugged out at the pair of tiny white wings glued to his brother’s back.

And sequins.

So many sequins.

“Gordon is very dead.”

Scott blinked and found Kayo standing quietly beside him. He had to snort. “Oh, I don’t think he is going to get off that easy.”

“Good point.”


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