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Prank War II – Jello

I’m still sick, still nuts, still @vegetacide ‘s fault despite the fact she is asleep at this very moment. She used the nose emoji on me earlier and it was highly disturbing 😀

Anyways, this is continuing on from this post. I have my suspicions it has only just begun.

Warm Rain universe, vaguely, crack fic, probably broke science, it is not even four o’clock in the afternoon and I’m asleep on my feet, so yeah, don’t expect quality, look after Scott, he needs it.

It had been a hard couple of weeks and Gordon was just happy to be
home. He’d finally flown in late last night and crashed into bed. He had spent
most of the last week several thousand feet underwater discussing seaweed
farming and underwater food propagation with a very lovely marine biologist.
Eventually they had discussed other forms of biology as well and it had turned
out to be a lovely time away.

However, it had been mostly work, no matter how interesting or
diverting and he was happy to be home. Also, it had been halfway around the
world so his body clock was blown. So, he was up before the sun the next
morning and heading down to the pool for his morning laps.

The whole house was quiet, the only sound the breeze off the ocean
blowing through palm trees. He stood on the dark patio and took a deep breath.
Yes, no place really beat being home.

Besides, despite never admitting it, he did miss his family from
time to time. There had been at least three rescues while he was gone and there
was nail biting involved. Apparently, Scott had obtained a new scar for his
collection and Virgil had yet another near miss with a building. He had heard Tin’s
opinion on that from the other side of the planet with or without the use of Thunderbird
Five. It had Gordon wondering if Virgil knew what hell he had gotten himself
into by falling in love with their sister.

But anyway, the pool. His beloved pool.

He tossed his towel on a lounger and took a step into the shadowy
blue water.

And tripped and fell on his face. “What the hell?”

His whole world was wobbling and he wasn’t wet.

Oh my god.


Scott got back from his run, jumped in the shower, and then grabbed
himself some coffee before walking out onto the balcony to watch the sun climb
into the sky.

Alan jumped up in front of him, let out a godawful whoop and
disappeared below the edge of the balcony.

What the-?

Gordon yelled and somersaulted up and over mid-air before he too, disappeared
from whence he came…somewhere below the balcony.

Scott’s eyes widened as he dashed to the edge, only to find his
two youngest brothers bouncing on the surface of the pool water like a

“What the hell are you doing?!”

“This is so much fun!” And Alan flew past him again. This time
Scott’s eyes tracked him all the way down until he bounced on the pool water

“What the hell happened to the pool?!”

“Alginate.” He darted a look behind him to find a bleary-eyed
Virgil hugging a coffee. “Lots and lots of alginate. It’s amazing what it is
capable when mixed with a little water and revenge.” His brother buried his
face in his coffee, his eyes closing, revelling the experience of the steaming
hot beverage.

“Doesn’t look much like revenge to me. Gordon’s having a ball.”
And to emphasize that point his brother bounced past whooping again.

“Wait until he has to shovel it out.” Virgil smirked through steam, before turning back inside to, no doubt, hunt for more coffee.

Scott turned back to the bouncing pool. Yes, today would be a good
day to visit the mainland.

The one on the other side of the Pacific.


Prank War III

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