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Prank War I – Rainbows

This is total crack. I blame a combination of the lurgy that is messing with my muse and @vegetacide who inadvertently asked for it.

From this conversation.

Nutty: Are you requesting a whump? 😁

Veggie: No.. Not me.. I want one with fluffy unicorns and rainbow farts.. Lol

Nutty: Really??

It was embarrassing. 

Then it was just weird. 

Virgil, standing beside the pool, in his swimwear, passed wind. And a cloud of purple…something…appeared around and dissipated into the breeze.

“What the hell?” He stared at the cloud as it drifted away. Unfortunately, another bubble burst forth before he could restrain himself. Pink mist was the result.


But his worry was interrupted by a burst of laughter. Gordon, on the other side of the pool, was laughing so hard, he was stumbling. 

Virgil’s shoulders tightened into knots. “What the hell have you done?!” Unfortunately the tension caused more expulsion of gas, this time green.

That just set off Gordon more. If he wasn’t careful, he was going to end up falling in the pool. Virgil had no idea what his brother had done, but the red mist that appeared next was highly appropriate as he launched into a run.


Scott walked out from the kitchen, coffee in hand to encounter one brother literally roaring at the other as he tore around the pool, chasing a Gordon who was hardly keeping it together he was laughing so hard. But the most confounding element was the rainbow-coloured clouds emitting in a trail from…oh my god…”Virgil! What the hell?”

His brother skidded to a halt, just as Gordon finally completely lost the plot and fell into the pool. 

The cloud of colours floated around Virgil like a rainbow halo.

The usually calm engineer’s expression was a mixture of anger, worry and possibly murder. 

Scott put his coffee down on a lounger and approached his brother slowly. “Virg, you okay?” A cloud of glitter appeared and floated lazily in the air. Scott vaguely registered the possibility that Gordon was drowning himself laughing.

“What did you do, Gordon?” Virgil’s voice cut through the concrete around the pool, slicing it up in its fury. Another red haze appeared. Gordon’s response actually contained water, and Scott was seriously considering the need to save the man from himself.

The next puff of gas smelled like lavender and came in the same colour.

“GORDON!” Scott’s voice carried just a little bit more command than Virgil’s and the spluttering laughter stopped. 

“Don’t worry, bro, I just rigged his swim shorts. He’s so sweet, he farts rainbows.” And the laughter returned.

Another cloud of pink mist, this time with glitter included, and Scott swore his brother was going to combust on the spot. 

Of course, this was the very moment Kayo walked out onto the patio. One glance at Virgil another at Gordon and she threw off her wrap and jumped into the pool. Point five of a second later, Scott seriously thought he would now need to save his younger brother from his sister.

“What did you do?” And yes, she had him in a very uncomfortable position.

“Uh, Kayo, he’s breakable.” Scott took a step in the direction of the pool.

“I am very well aware of that, Scott, as I believe he is, too.” Gordon whimpered, obviously terrified. 

Virgil crossed his arms and smirked, only to pass some multicoloured concoction that smelt like Grandma’s perfume. 

Gordon snorted, only to whimper again as Kayo’s hold tightened.

Something in Virgil must have cracked at that point, because suddenly he threw caution to the wind, yanked off his swimwear, throwing it to the concrete and stalked off inside, completely naked.

There was a scream from Alan inside, “Oh god, my eyes!”

Virgil’s shorts continued to emit erratic clouds of coloured whatever as Kayo let her brother go by dunking him repeatedly. “You are so dead, Fish Boy. Virgil is going to kill you.”

Gordon surfaced with a smirk. “So worth it.”

Kayo arched an eyebrow at him. “And when he is finished with you, you can expect a visit from me.” The sudden fear in his eyes made her smile.

Scott returned to his coffee and took a swig. Perhaps it was time he took a holiday.

On the other side of the planet.


Prank War II

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