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@gumnut-logic – like this maybe.. But without the capped sleeves..


Oh, and I mentioned to hubby about the wedding plans (yes, I speak to Hubby about fandom, he is wonderfully tolerant). I mentioned that Gumnut might like to play with the wedding. His answer was to suggest a tsunami.

My response? But that would flood Thunderbird Two’s hanger!

Can you see where my priorities lie? ::headdesk::


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On the other hand, how about the groom’s looks like? 

Virgil would think something is missing, even the tie would turns into

lilac colour……

Scott, “you mean this sash?”
Virgil, “Oh come on! No more that joke! Don’t mention him again!“

I haven’t actually thought about that. Hmm…I think part of Virgil doesn’t care as long as they are together, another part definitely has some preferences, I just haven’t worked them out yet. And no, motorcycle fans, he is not wearing his green dragon chaps to his wedding 😀 Though I do think there would be green involved as a highlight somewhere, not too much, just a little. It has become a theme 😀

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