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Nutty vs. Gentle Rain

Okay, fic, this is me glaring at you. It is 10.30am in the morning. I have music. I am shunting the client work to another part of the day. The kids are at school. Hubby is otherwise occupied. It is just you and me. ::glares::

It is damn hot, but it is going to be damn hot all week, so get used to it.

We have a Scott who needs to come to a decision.

We have an Em who needs to get back to Perth.

We have Kayo who needs to calm the damn hell down.

We have a Virgil who needs to stop getting himself injured, damn it.

::glares some more:

::stretches typing fingers, wriggles shoulders, cracks neck:: Ow, that hurt, stop getting physical, you’re a bloody wimp, live with it.


Let’s write.

(off the edge, kickin’ fic butt)

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