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Okay, I’ve gone and done it.

Nutty now has a home all of her own independent of Tumblr. It is as rough as bags at the moment and needs a lot of work, but you can now find me at

I will be expanding the site to include pages for my series, etc, so fics can be found easier, plus giving a home to all my older fics and fandoms. I’ve imported my Tumblr posts to the site – they look awful and I will likely need to go back and fix a few things (ugh, horrible job) and I have yet to create a new Master Story page, but I will pepper some of these tasks across my holidays to get it all running smoothly. Also, WordPress looks much nicer with images, so it looks like I will be creating some of those for my fics along the way as well.

Theoretically every time I post on my new blog post, it should perpetuate to both my Tumblr and my old, yet newly revised Twitter. Feel free to follow me on any of these platforms, including WordPress, for your convenience. This post is also a test to see how it appears on Tumblr and Twitter. Independent of my blog you can also still find me on and Ao3.

Basically, I will see how this works. If it sucks, I will look at another method, if it works, yay!

(working on a new edge)

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