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Nutty Day

Today is Nutty Day. I hereby declare it, because I can.

The day after Gordon’s and six months before Virgil’s.

Today is the day to leap off the metaphorical edge and test those wings. Fly, friends, fly!

That and to escape from work, sit in a park on a gorgeous sunny day, eat fish and chips, and read fanfic.

Cos I can!

::is randomly nuts::

Cos I can.

And yes, there is a bottle of Coca-Cola sitting beside me and it may need to take some blame in this.


(And cos I was feeling like crap and needed a little insanity to feel better)

PS: while walking from the chip shop to the park I was daydreaming the climax scene to Gentle Rain….I am soooo looking forward to it. It is getting closer.

Suddenly she was surrounded by blue fabric. Warm, strong, breathing and, oh god, so familiar. She gasped and it came out a sob.

“It’s okay…okay, I’ve got you.”

She looked up and there were those eyes. Those gorgeous blue eyes that haunted her dreams.

Furrowed in fear.


He didn’t answer, just pulling her in closer as if he was clinging to her as much as she was to him.

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