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Notes on Sotto Voce

I can’t express how wonderful writing this fic has been. With all your fantastic support, it has been amazing. thank you so much, guys. This fandom is definitely a fun one and you have all been so wonderful.

The last of the story has only been live since about half past midnight last night (approx. nine hours) and it has become abundantly clear that the story isn’t finished. Both from all your comments and several characters jumping up and down on my brain – trust me there is a queue in my head of what they want to say, Virgil is rolling his eyes.

Also, I’m not entirely happy with the last chapter. It doesn’t flow well and it kinda looks like a story thread checklist rather than a cohesive whole. Another problem with the fic is that it was written by the seat of my pants (kinda like Scott flies, yet much slower 😀 ) and without any beta (because I’m lazy). There are errors of all kinds throughout – which you will no doubt notice if you re-read it. I realised halfway through that I was even missing an entire character, but it was too late to fix it, and although I could fix here and on Ao3, fixing on is nigh impossible.

And from the point where I worked out how this was going to end, I realised that it could definitely be the beginning of a series of stories that could feature Virgil with this connection to Eos. I thought it would be fun.

So, the epilogue…I think I’m going to write a series of short scenes/fics in this universe, illustrating scenes that were missed, answering some of your questions as the main fic is missing some of the answers (mostly on purpose, but when several people ask the same thing, I wonder if I should find an answer), and the pile of epilogues those characters are demanding – I even have the first one mostly worked out in my head…thankyou, Virgil, your frustration with your niece is much appreciated ::headdesk::

So, apparently this is the fic that never ends. Two solid weeks of work and it is still not finished. ::mock glares at it:: Well, I guess we will just have to let the fun continue. At least the cliffhangers will be less prevalent 😀

Thank you all again so much. You all feed my pen and I couldn’t have done it without you ::hugs:

::offers a slightly hot-wired Virgil for hugs as well::

Best wishes,
(before breakfast on a Saturday – I needed the sleep in after writing like crazy last night :D)

Oh, and PS, I don’t know if this can be viewed outside Australia, so I apologise if it can’t, but ABC iView is showing both Inferno and the first episode of S3 right now and they are available online. I’m happy because I have no access to these episodes without free TV and I haven’t seen them for a month or so 😀 Plan to watch over breakfast, if I can drag myself off Tumblr 😀

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