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Hey, @mypheralside remember this? I came across it today by accident and it was a fun read 😀

OMG, OMG!! This all came rushing back and oh my goodness I had forgotten so much of this amazing stuff!!! I had totally forgotten the fic, a lot of this has disappeared from my brain and lord I am so glad it’s still out there!! I mean, lmao, look at this gem:

Everyone froze as they heard a rustle in the canopy above them. They were in a strange transition zone where the jungle opened up onto the savannah, and the forest behind them was very dense. Jack swung his weapon around, cocked it, and trained his gaze upward.

“It’s probably just Pheral,” Vespurrs said quietly.

Jack turned and glared at her while rubbing the back of his head pointedly. “All the more reason to be on the look out.”

Tomy cringed. “She’s probably still just chasing birds.”

Jack wasn’t impressed.

“Maybe?” she amended. Tomy wasn’t sure what crack Shady had been smoking when she’d requested them all for the extraction team. Jack and Mac had been bickering the whole trip – personally, Tomy wished Shady had requested Daniel instead. And Pheral wouldn’t leave poor Jack alone. On the flight over she’d given him a gash on the chin by tripping him as he went up the stairs to the plane, stabbed him in the hand with her fork, ordered hot coffee from the flight attendant only to pour it in his lap, and beaten him over the head with her tray table. But after landing, she’d quickly been distracted by the brightly colored local fauna. Tomy was going to have to talk with Moonbeam about Pheral-proofing their plane before she had to fly anywhere with the energetic cat again.

The noises in the trees got louder, closer. Suddenly the jungle was flooded with a strange cry.


Tomy blinked and had to do a mental rewind to be sure she saw what she thought she saw. Yep. That was Pheral, swinging on a vine Tarzan style, brandishing a large tree limb, and cracking Jack across the head and shoulders with it.

“Pheral! Come down from there,” Vespurrs yelled in her best ‘mom’ voice, but they could hear laughing above them followed by a song that trailed off into the trees.

“A whumping we will go. A whumping we will go. Hi-ho the dairy-o, a whumping we will go.”

– Excerpt from ‘A Whumping We Will Go’ by Knightshade

What the actual fuck, this is genius. Was this like 13 years ago or something? I have no idea. Thank you for this little blast of nostalgia, I’ve been grinning my face off!!

Lololololol ::grin:: I don’t think we’ve changed much at the heart of it 😀

Nutty, temporarily released from her chains in honour of Tomy’s arrival, suddenly appeared at Moon and Bonnie’s side. The slightly unstable dwarf danced about excitedly, head flicking from side to side as she hopped between them. “Explosion? Did somebody say explosion? Where, where?!”

Moon chuckled and calmly directed Gumnut’s attention to the living room. There, on one of the sofas, Jack and MacGyver were having an enthusiastic discussion about the many advantages of blowing things up. Nutty’s eyes grew wide when she saw them, her mouth dropped open, and (Bonnie would swear) the tiniest dollop of drool appeared on her lips.

“Ugh…” Nutty whimpered almost breathlessly. She twitched, trembled, then abruptly bolted pell-mell in a run toward the couch.

Moon and Bonnie broke down into gales of laughter, leaning on each other for support.

“Oh, you’re evil!” Bonnie chortled, slapping Moon on the shoulder.

Moon fluttered her hand in a shaky affirmative, too busy exercising her maniacal cackle to answer properly.

– Excerpt from ‘Waiting for Tomy’, A “Life at the Lair” Story, By Moonbeam

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