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My brain again…

Okay, obviously I am living and breathing my writing at the moment far too much, because I just dreamed (yes, only dreamed) that I received a complaint for writing more Scott than Virgil.

This dream complainant claimed that I have been writing this mammoth story for ages and they were missing my regular non-ship Virg stories.

Incidentally, this dream person had a username I had never seen before, so I basically told them (or wanted to, but was more polite), that the fact that the first I had heard of them was this complaint about my writing, so basically they could go jump. If they wanted to contribute to this party, I’m obviously open to positive influencers ::eyes all my inspirators:: Jump in and play.

So yeah, apart from me obviously needing to get out more, or get better sleep, I did wake up wondering exactly how long I’ve been writing this fic. I started on 14 Jan and my current word count is over 37,000 words. This is my second longest fic ever, and the longest I have written in this fandom. Except for three or four little fics, it is all I’ve been writing for over a month. It brings the total Warm Rain universe to over 90,000 words. So yeah, @vegetacide and her co-inspirators are responsible for that. Virgil/Kayo is no longer a rare pair, me thinks. 😁

But regardless, I am and always will be a Virg girl. It is easy to tell because I’m currently writing a prompt request for @scribbles97 specifically asking for Scott whump, and I seem to recall Virgil taking up the last two chapters with a near death experience. So yeah, he is never far away ::pets him:: So a little reassurance, that if you are bummed by my current Scott fascination, or even sitting there wishing I’d stop shipping, there will still be Virg stories along the way.

And remember, I’m easily distracted and open to challenges, just ask @the-lady-razorsharp who keeps dropping wonderful ideas in my lap with multiple fic results. Also, I haven’t forgotten my prompt list. This fic just got a little out of hand. The end is in sight. I will then dig up that prompt post and look at what and who is next on the list.

It should also be noted that I went to bed after 11pm. This weird dream woke me up at 1.40am. So yeah, there goes my brain 😁


(Yes, I know I’m nuts, get used to it 😁)

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