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More Love and Sacrifice wip

Maybe a little graphic. Scene on board TB2 as they are leaving the danger zone.

The smell of burnt neoprene hung in the air.

A groan of pain, a whispered ‘sorry’, and Scott made it around the rescue rig to find Virgil kneeling on the deck, leaning his chest and arms against the rig as his sister used a laser cutter to remove the back of his uniform.

His baldric lay discarded beside him. Virgil glanced up at him only to grimace as Kayo pulled away more cloth from his skin. “Check, Gordon.” His brother’s voice was tight with pain.

His younger brother was still strapped to the rescue rig. Scott assessed him quickly, all his vitals checked out. A bruise to the back of his head the likely cause of his unconsciousness, but Gordon began to stir at his touch.


His little brother groaned. “Augh.”

“You with us?”

“I wish I wasn’t.” A hand rose to his head. “Who hit me?”

Scott opened his mouth to answer, but was interrupted by Kayo. “Virgil?!”

And his dark haired brother was sliding towards the deck.

Scott slid to his knees and caught him, only then catching sight of the red soaked into the remains of his undershirt and uniform. His brother was weakly attempting to take his own weight, but failing, one arm refusing to respond properly, the other scrabbling at Scott’s chest. “Check Kayo.” It was a moaned whisper as Scott brought his brother’s head to rest on his shoulder.

Scott shot his sister a concerned look.

“I’m fine and not the priority. You have two bullets in you, Virgil.” And she was suddenly angry under her bruises. It washed away the fear in her eyes. As she removed the last of the blood-soaked material, Virgil groaned, flinching in his grip, and the two neat holes in his brother’s muscular back were lit up by the overhead lighting.

One in his left shoulder.

The other on his lower right side.

Kayo didn’t hesitate. She handed Scott a wad of dressing indicating he should take care of the upper wound while she grabbed some dressing of her own and applied pressure to his lower back.

Virgil cried out, his body tightening up against Scott, but Kayo was merciless, her efficient hands binding the dressing under pressure in an attempt to stop the bleeding.

Scott grit his teeth and reached to do the same with the shoulder wound, steeling himself, but suddenly Gordon was there, taking the wadding from his fingers and pressing it to his brother’s back.

Virgil groaned into Scott’s shoulder, the grip on his arm tightening. Gordon worked as quickly as his sister, binding the wound as firmly as possible. “Sorry, bro.” His voice was parched and rough, his expression grey.

Virgil was trembling. But his concern still lay with his sister. “Scott, check Kayo. Please.” It was muffled against his uniform and barely whispered, but they all heard it.

The expression on Kayo’s face threatened anyone who even attempted to look at her, but Scott felt Virgil struggling to push himself upright to do the deed himself. The man wouldn’t rest until he knew she was okay.

He wasn’t willing to let go of Virgil himself. He looked up at Gordon, visually gauging the younger man as best he could. “Gordon, assess Kayo’s injuries.” Scott turned to his sister, his expression attempting to convey his reasoning, indicating his prone brother’s concern.

Her bottom lip cracked a little as she glared at him, but stood so Gordon didn’t have to bend down. The aquanaut looked her over quickly, but professionally. “She’s only sporting bruises, bro.” Gordon caught her eye as his fingers probed her ribs. Scott saw her flinch, but Virgil was in no position to see anything.

Scott would make sure she was seen to as soon as possible. “Kayo is okay, Virgil. She’s safe.”

“Thank you.” And Scott had to tighten his grip as his brother slumped in his arms, not quite unconscious, but teetering, his breathing harsh against his ear. “Thank you.”


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