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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

To all my wonderful fandom friends, especially my new Thunderbird crazy peeps.

Thank you for a wonderful six months and for welcoming me into this fandom with so much enthusiasm. This is a fantastic fandom and you’ve all been so kind an welcoming to me ::big group hugs!::

I have never written so much in my life! I’ve lost count now, but I suspect it is up somewhere around the 200,000 word mark and all since July 2018. You inspirational people you! Thank you to the cheer squad, thank you to the muse pokers, thank you to gif and screenshot peeps, thank you to all the other writers, and, of course, thank you to all the wonderful readers, especially those who take that extra moment to leave some support notes.

May you all have a fantastic holiday period. Said holiday is putting a blip in my writing schedule, but I hope to get some more words down in the days following…there is just so much to inspiration out there.

Thank you for putting up with my Nuttiness and I sincerely hope you all have a fantastic new year….hopefully laced with generous helpings of the Tracy brothers 😀

Twenty-five minutes to Christmas Day here, so it is already Christmas on Tracy Island. Time to party everyone!

::suddenly has vision of Thunderbird Two cruising through the air, disco lights flashing out her windows and Virgil playing s synthesiser…there may or may not be a brother dancing on her roof::

Okay, I’m obviously up too late. Everyone have a great one!!!!!

Best wishes,


(Off the edge and hailing a Thunderbird…you know which one :D)

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