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Love & Sacrifice: Part Four & Epilogue

Title: Love and Sacrifice

Part Four

Warm Rain Series

Prologue & Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Author: Gumnut

Oct – Dec 2018

Fandom: Thunderbirds Are Go 2015/ Thunderbirds TOS

Rating: Teen

Summary: When she is worth everything.

Word count: 3086

Spoilers & warnings: Virgil/Kayo

Timeline: After ‘Sharing the Scenery’ and the events of ‘Road Rash’.

Author’s note: And here is finally the story of the scar Virgil has on his back mentioned in the first fic of this series and so uproarishly demanded by you wonderful people. I hope it meets expectations. Also, pieces of this fic have been posted all over the place in the last couple of months as I have been slowly piecing it all together, so apologies if you have read some of it before or it seems familiar as I’ve re-written sections.

Author’s note: Disclaimer: Mine? You’ve got to be kidding. Money? Don’t have any, don’t bother.


“Thunderbird One, we are clear of the building. Both Gordon and Virgil are aboard. Advise we leave the danger zone.”

Kayo’s voice was music to his ears.

“FAB, Thunderbird Two.” He detached his grapple from the latest piece of masonry he had disassembled, and spun his ‘bird on her axis. TB2 was rising on her VTOL above the main building.

“Thunderbird Five, do you have Thunderbird Shadow?”

John’s clear, calm voice answered in the affirmative, and the ghost rose from the ground and followed her sisters. “Scott, you are needed on Thunderbird Two. Gordon is unconscious and Virgil is seriously injured.”

Before he could react, his sister’s voice broke through, much less calm than before. “Scott, I need help. Virgil-“ A pause. “Please hurry.”

A breathless FAB and he was moving. Aligning his ‘bird with his brother’s and slaving her to Thunderbird Five with her sister, he jetpacked across to TB2’s overhead hatch. John, the master of multitasking, let him in.

Thunderbird Two’s cockpit was empty, her control slaved to remote auto. At John’s prompt, he hurried down to the module bay.

The smell of burnt fabric hung in the air.

A groan of pain, a whispered ‘sorry’, and Scott made it around the rescue rig to find Virgil kneeling on the deck, leaning his chest and arms against the rig as his sister used a laser cutter to remove the back of his uniform.

His baldric lay discarded beside him. Virgil glanced up at him only to grimace as Kayo pulled away more cloth from his skin. “Check, Gordon.” His brother’s voice was tight with pain.

His younger brother was still strapped to the rescue rig. Scott assessed him quickly, all his vitals checked out. A lump on the back of his head the likely cause of his unconsciousness, but Gordon began to stir at his touch.


His little brother groaned. “Augh.”

“You with us?”

“I wish I wasn’t.” A hand rose to his head. “Who hit me?”

Scott opened his mouth to answer, but was interrupted by Kayo. “Virgil?!”

And his dark-haired brother was sliding towards the deck.

Scott slid to his knees and caught him, only then catching sight of how much blood had soaked into the remains of his undershirt and uniform. His brother was weakly attempting to take his own weight, but failing, one arm refusing to respond properly, the other scrabbling at Scott’s chest. “Check Kayo.” It was a moaned whisper as Scott brought his brother’s head to rest on his shoulder.

Scott shot his sister a concerned look.

“I’m fine and not the priority. You have two bullets in you, Virgil.” And she was suddenly angry under her bruises. It washed away the fear in her eyes. As she removed the last of the blood-soaked material, Virgil groaned, flinching in his grip, and the two neat holes in his brother’s muscular back were lit up by the overhead lighting.

One in his left shoulder.

The other on his lower right side.

Kayo didn’t hesitate. She handed Scott a wad of dressing indicating he should take care of the upper wound while she grabbed some dressing of her own and applied pressure to his lower back.

Virgil cried out, his body tightening up against Scott, but Kayo was merciless, her efficient hands binding the dressing under pressure in an attempt to stop the bleeding.

Scott grit his teeth and reached to do the same with the shoulder wound, steeling himself, but suddenly Gordon was there, taking the wadding from his fingers and pressing it to his brother’s back.

Virgil groaned into Scott’s shoulder, the grip on his arm tightening. Gordon worked as quickly as his sister, binding the wound as firmly as possible. “Sorry, bro.” His voice was parched and rough, his expression grey.

Virgil was trembling. But his concern still lay with his sister. “Scott, check Kayo. Please.” It was muffled against his uniform and barely whispered, but they all heard it.

The expression on Kayo’s face threatened anyone who even attempted to look at her, but Scott felt Virgil struggling to push himself upright to do the deed himself. The man wouldn’t rest until he knew she was okay.

He wasn’t willing to let go of Virgil himself. He looked up at Gordon, visually gauging the younger man as best he could. “Gordon, assess Kayo’s injuries.” Scott turned to his sister, his expression attempting to convey his reasoning, indicating his prone brother’s concern.

Her bottom lip cracked a little as she glared at him, but stood so Gordon didn’t have to bend down. The aquanaut looked her over quickly, but professionally. “She’s only sporting bruises, bro.” Gordon caught her eye as his fingers probed her ribs. Scott saw her flinch, but Virgil was in no position to see anything.

Scott would make sure she was seen to as soon as possible. “Kayo is okay, Virgil. She’s safe.”

“Thank you.” And Scott had to tighten his grip as his brother slumped in his arms, not quite unconscious, but teetering, his breathing harsh against his ear. “Thank you.”


They made for the Royal Darwin Hospital at the top end of Australia. Thunderbird Two fitting nicely on their specialised helipad. John flew TB1 and Shadow to the nearby GDF base and had them secured.

It wasn’t the first time they had ended up here. In fact, it wasn’t even the first time Virgil had ended up here.

His brother was rushed off to surgery and Scott had the job of escorting Gordon and Kayo to the emergency department to get them checked out.

All of them were quiet. No one was speaking.

Scott wanted to know how his brother had been shot. What had happened in there? But Kayo was greying by the minute. By the time they entered the hospital, he had managed to wrap an arm around her shoulders to support her. The fact she didn’t protest or resist had him even more concerned, if not alarmed.

When they finally were shown to an examination cubicle. All three of them crowded in together.

“Is anyone going to tell me how Virgil got himself shot?” Apparently, Gordon had no qualms about when to ask questions.

“My uncle shot him.”

Four simple words, said plainly.

“The Hood?!” Gordon again managed to speak before Scott.

“Virgil…” She drifted for a moment, her brow furrowing. “Virgil untied me. My uncle shot him. So, I shot my uncle.”

Scott’s eyes widened. 

Kayo stared him square in the eye. “He won’t be hurting us anymore.”

He reached out to touch her, but she flinched away. Scott opened his mouth to ask, but the doctor and a nurse bustled in and the moment was lost.

But the expression in his sister’s eye said it all.

The Hood made his choice.

He should never have hurt Virgil.


They admitted both Kayo and Gordon for observation. The latter had started having dizzy spells, so a delayed concussion was suspected. Gordon complained accordingly.

Kayo went without protest. Her ribs were bruised as well as the rest of her, thanks to one of her uncle’s overzealous henchmen. 

As for Virgil it went without saying that he was staying. They pulled out the two bullets, one of which had chipped his left scapula, and the other had perforated his large intestine causing all kinds of nastiness. It was touch and go there for a while and Scott found himself sitting beside his brother’s bed just holding his hand.

Kayo was like a ghost, appearing one moment, gone the next. She seemed to want to be with Virgil, but ever so hesitant. He couldn’t work out why.

So after about the tenth time she drifted in and out, Scott followed her, leaving a sleeping Virgil to himself for a moment.


“How could you let him do that?”

The question was a shouted whisper.

Virgil shifted where he lay and immediately regretted it. Pain shot up through his back from two distinct points, throbbing into both his shoulder and his gut. Even with the fog in his brain, the message got through very clearly. Don’t move.

“It was a tactical decision.”

“No, it was a stupid decision. He should never have even been in the danger zone. It was a hostage situation with hostiles. Virgil is not military, he did not belong there.”

“He got you out.”

“He nearly got himself killed! You should have waited for the GDF.”

“I had no choice!”

“Of course, you had a choice. Are you our commander or not?”

“You think this lies under the provision of International Rescue? Are you blind, Kayo?”

“Excuse me?”

“If I hadn’t gone with him, he would have gone alone. There was no way in hell I could stop him. I know. I tried! The man loves you.”

Virgil blinked, but it was ever so slowly.

“Scott?” The woman’s voice quavered just a little.

“No, you don’t get to play dumb on this. I know you know it.”

“That is none of your business.”

“None of my…Are you kidding me?! He’s my brother, you’re my sister. He is lying there with two bullet holes in him. You’re standing here accusing me of not preventing him from standing between you and the gun. Kayo, there is no way in hell he would do any different whether you are his sister or his prospective wife. This is Virgil we are talking about!” There was silence for a moment, punctuated only by the beeping of the machine telling him he was still alive. “You know, as much as I do, that Virgil will give everything, for all of us, but particularly for you.”

“So what do you expect me to do about it?”

“Do about it? Nothing. That is not my prerogative. But I will ask you one thing. What would you have done if your positions had been reversed? Think about it, Kayo. Perhaps you will find your answers there.”

Footsteps walked away.

Virgil blinked again, this time it was harder to open his eyes and they shut almost immediately.

He drifted off to the sound of a woman crying.


“What the hell were you thinking?”

Scott stared at Colonel Casey and bit back his caustic reply. “Colonel, they had Kayo.”

“And that gives you the right to cross international borders and perform a military strike on civilians?!”

“They were terrorists, Colonel! The Hood amongst them.”

“The GDF allows International Rescue to operate because you are neutral and of worldwide benefit, Scott. Aligning yourself for or against any party threatens that neutrality, your safety, and puts the GDF in a difficult situation. You operate military grade equipment with no governance, you could easily be branded a terrorist organisation yourself.”

Scott bristled. “We have the right to defend ourselves.”

“You have the right to call the GDF who have the political savvy to combat this legally!”

“There wasn’t time! She was being tortured.”

Casey sighed. “I know, and I’m sorry. I should never have let her go in, but this can never happen again, Scott.”

“Then perhaps we should reconsider whether Kayo should be so easily available to the GDF’s whims.”

Her lips thinned and he knew he had scored his point. It had become far too an easy option for the GDF to task IR’s resources for their own purposes of late. Perhaps it was time to draw a line.

“Perhaps.” Her dark eyes were calculating. “How is she?”

Scott sighed. “Not happy. We got her out, but we sustained injuries.”

Casey visibly started. “Who?”

“Gordon was attacked and has a concussion. Virgil was shot twice in the back.” He was blunt. He wasn’t in the mood for sugar-coating anything.

The Colonel vanished for a moment to be replaced with the Godmother he had known from his childhood. “My god, Scott.”

“All three IR operatives will recover. Though you should be aware that we will be down on manpower for some time.” He looked away from his wrist comm for a moment, lips thinning. Screw it. “International Rescue out.” And he cut the signal, leaning back on the building behind him, rubbing his face with his hands. The sun taunted him, flashing through his closed eyelids, the distant sounds of people walking through the hospital grounds. The breeze rustled leaves.



Virgil demanded to go home. The moment he awoke fully and was confident there were no more chunks of lead in his system, he demanded he be allowed to return to Tracy Island.

Scott said no.

He had even yelled at him.

But goddamnit, he wanted to go home.

“Hey, bro.”

Virgil looked up sleepily to see Gordon beside his bed. “Hey.”

“I hear you’ve been kicking up a storm.”

“Wanna go home.” And his blink was heavy.

“Hardly looks like you can stay awake, much less go anywhere.”

“Have to go home.”



“You’re safe here, Virgil.”

“Not me.” And his eyelids were so damn heavy. “Kay.”

“Hah, have you seen our sister lately? She’s threatened several nurses to the point they will no longer attend her. They wanted to kick her out of the hospital. Kayo is fully capable of looking after herself.”

“Got hurt.”

A hand landed on his uninjured shoulder. “Bro, you were hurt more than any of us. You need time. You are safe, Kayo’s safe. Give yourself a chance to heal.”

“Wanna go home.”

The hand squeezed gently. “You will, Virgil, you will.”

But the medication swept it all away and oblivion claimed him yet again.



Scott’s tone was firm, but his expression was little more than a concerned older brother. Kayo shifted from one foot to the other under his gaze anyway.

By nearly a week, her face was finally starting to return to a more functional state. Bruises still mottled her skin, but much of the swelling had gone down, allowing her to express herself far more clearly. Her ribs still ached, but she ignored them.

It was the ache in her heart that hurt the most.

“Official networks have identified the Hood as a victim of assassination. They have romanticised the whole affair. I have no doubt his cronies hate us even more.” She swallowed. “Rumour has it that it was Virgil who killed him.”

Her big brother blinked.


“No one other than us witnessed what happened. My guess is that they took the obvious route.”

Scott did not like the implications at all. His lips thinned and his eyes chilled. “Can we expect retaliation?”

She shrugged. “I doubt it. My uncle wasn’t one for grooming his minions. There was no sign of anyone who be able to retaliate. I would like to go back in and make sure there is no chance of it, if I can.”

As expected, her brother immediately shook his head. “No. We advise the GDF and Colonel Casey can follow it up.” His eyes lit up just that little bit more. “You are needed here.”

And she was.

Her eyes dropped to the floor. “How is he?”

“Asking for you.”

She knew he was.

A hand landed softly on her shoulder. “Kayo, I don’t know what happened between the two of you, and really it is none of my business, but…” She looked up to see him chewing on his lip. “Little Sis, he loves you so much.”

“I know.”

“Please go and see him.”

She hesitated. “I’m sorry, Scott. I-“ But her explanation petered out. How? She closed her eyes. “He’s making a mistake.”


“He could do so much better.” She could barely hear herself, but he did anyway.

“Kayo, what the hell are you talking about?”

She looked up and was surprised to find anger in his blue eyes. “What can I offer him, Scott?   I have nothing.”

Scott opened his mouth, but for a moment nothing came out. A swallow and he cleared his throat. “Kayo, he doesn’t want anything, he just wants you.”

She stared at him. “Why?”

And now he was staring at her as if she had lost her sanity. “You are a stunning, smart and accomplished woman, Kayo. What else could he possibly want?”


But anger flared in those blue eyes. “No, Kayo, no doubt. If you think we would trust International Rescue, a Thunderbird, to anyone we did not admire and respect for who she is and the choices she has made in her life, it is you who is sorely mistaken. You are an extremely valued member of our team, you’re our sister, a Tracy in all but name. My brother could not make a better choice.” A flash. “And trust me, I would intervene if it was otherwise.” Suddenly he was not only Scott, her brother, he was the commander of International Rescue, substitute father figure, big brother and Virgil’s best friend all rolled into one.

It was the same fire she had seen in Virgil’s eyes as he had untied her.

She didn’t have words, so she just nodded.

Scott deflated a little. “Kayo, he won’t hurt you. And if he does, I’ll hurt him myself, you know that.” He squeezed her shoulder. “Please give him a chance.”

She nodded wordlessly again and he let go. A blink cleared her vision as she fought for control.

“You okay?”

She shook her head.

“Come here.” And he was wrapping his arms around her. Scott, big brother. She clenched her eyes shut. This was so stupid.

But she clung anyway.


Virgil got what he wanted by the end of the week by dragging himself out of bed and collapsing in the hallway outside his room. 

It was Kayo who found him, half conscious, struggling to stand up again, blood dripping from his hand where he had ripped out his IV.

“Kay?!” He grabbed her arm in an almost painful grip. “Need to get you home.”

His brown eyes were glazed and unfocused, the painkillers obviously having their usual effect on the ill engineer. He had always been sensitive, usually they sent him a little loopy, much to his brothers’, particularly Gordon’s, amusement. But the man was obviously very focussed on his worries this time. The fear in his eyes broke her heart.

“Okay, Virgil, we will go home.”

By the time the nurses reached them, followed by a worried Scott, Virgil was asleep on her shoulder.

They took him home the next day.


Title: Love and Sacrifice

Epilogue: For a Smile.

Warm Rain Series

Author: Gumnut

Oct – Dec 2018

Fandom: Thunderbirds Are Go 2015/ Thunderbirds TOS

Rating: Teen

Summary: When she is worth everything.

Word count: 1252

Spoilers & warnings: Virgil/Kayo

Timeline: After ‘Sharing the Scenery’ and the events of ‘Road Rash’.

Author’s note: And here is finally the story of the scar Virgil has on his back mentioned in the first fic of this series and so uproarishly demanded by you wonderful people. I hope it meets expectations. Also, pieces of this fic have been posted all over the place in the last couple of months as I have been slowly piecing it all together, so apologies if you have read some of it before or it seems familiar as I’ve re-written sections.

Author’s note: Disclaimer: Mine? You’ve got to be kidding. Money? Don’t have any, don’t bother.


She had left him alone for only a minute. With his brothers all out on a mission, Kayo had taken on the responsibility of making sure Virgil had everything he needed and was comfortable.

So far that had consisted of simply sitting with him and talking. Their conversation had been minimal. He was still hiked up on the good stuff. And if it wasn’t for the circumstances, she would have found him amusing.

As it was, he had asked her several times if she was feeling okay. Who was looking after who?

Typical Virgil.

She wanted to hit him.

And kiss him.

Unable to do either, she had left him for a few moments to grab a drink of water and straighten out her thoughts.

When she got back, he was gone.

She stood there a moment, stunned. The man had two bullet holes in his back and he was drugged up to the gills, where the hell could he go?

As if to answer her question, the piano started playing.

Oh, for the love of-

She hurried down to the comms room and sure enough, he was sitting hunched over at the piano, desperately attempting to play it with one hand while the other was wrapped around his belly as if he was trying to hold his insides in.

“What do you think you are doing?”

He looked up at her sideways a smile on his face. “I am going to make you happy, Kayo.”

“You’re what?”

“I want you to be happy.”

“What makes you think I’m not happy?”

“Because you are sad.” And with that, he straightened up with a soft groan, bringing his other hand down to the keys, and began to play.

And sing.

Virgil Tracy, injured and high as a kite on medication, singing.

To her.

His voice was as resonant as always. She had always loved his voice, whether in song or simply speaking her name.

She found herself sitting on a couch, not knowing how she got there.

He stopped singing, but continued to play, his fingers adding secondary melodies to the already beautiful tune. But then he missed a key, and another and then he was leaning over the piano groaning.

Oh god. “Virgil?” And she was beside him. “You idiot.” She held him gently, hesitant to touch him at all. The man was lucky he was still alive and here he was playing the stupid piano. “What the hell are you doing out here?”

“Want-wanted to make you smile. You always smile when I sing.”

Her stomach twisted. “Well, if you injure yourself further, all you will see from me is tears, you big idiot.”

He turned towards her, distress plain on his face, only to have it replaced with a grimace as the movement pulled everything. He groaned again.

“C’mon, we need to get you back to bed.” If he collapsed out here, she didn’t have a hope. She was strong, but Virgil was the biggest of her brothers and the laws of physics declared that there was no way in hell she could lift him. And certainly not without aggravating his injuries.

“Okay.” It was one word, but it portrayed all his vulnerability.

She slid herself under his side with the uninjured shoulder. Unfortunately that side bore the other bullet wound in his lower back, so it was technically a Catch-22 no matter which side of his body she attempted to support. He leant what he could on her and they made a snail’s pace progress back to the infirmary.

By the time they reached it, he was trembling.

“Nearly there.” He was leaning so heavily on her, it had to hurt him. There were suddenly tears in her eyes.

She lowered him gently onto the edge of the bed, his breath harsh in her ears. She helped him lie down, doing her best to ignore his pain.

By the time he was settled, a tear was falling.

“Kay?” There was worry on his face. He reached up a hand and touched her cheek.

She leant against the bed. “Why, Virgil? Why do you do this to yourself?”

His wide brown eyes stared up at her as if the answer was obvious. “Because I love you.”

Her eyes closed, flushing out yet another tear.

“Please don’t cry. I don’t want you to cry.”

It only made her cry harder.

And he was reaching for her. The man could hardly move and he was reaching out his arms trying to draw her to him. To comfort her.

He was goddamn unbelievable.

But she went to him, her head falling to his undamaged shoulder, her tears staining his pyjamas as his hand ran through her hair. He was muttering apologies, his distress obvious. This wasn’t right.

She said the first thing that came to her mind. The first truth. “I don’t deserve you.” She drew in a wet breath. “You are just too…good. Too perfect.” She bit her lip, fresh tears welling. How could he possibly…

He kissed her hair.

She pulled back so she could see his face. His eyes stared up at her, worry in their depths…and love. There was no way she could deny it.

And she was kissing him. It was desperate, vulnerable and not without fear, but then he was kissing her back and his arms were around her and…oh god, she loved him so much.

She had to breathe, and that was the only reason she pulled back. She gasped in oxygen and it hit the back of her throat. His lips were still slightly parted and she found herself reaching out to touch their softness, her finger running across his bottom lip.

He kissed her finger, his eyes not once leaving hers.

And just as another tear made its way down her cheek, a smile slowly crept onto her face, her mouth curving up slowly.

His voice was breathless. “Now that is what I wanted to see.” And he smiled softly back up at her.

A sob or a laugh, she didn’t know which. “How can you possibly be real?”

His smile slid to one side. “I’ve often wondered that about you.”

“Oh god.” And she let her head drop to his shoulder again. “I can’t believe you.”

His hand was once again in her hair, his fingers gently catching strands. “Why not?”

“You’re just so…you.”

He snorted, his chest jolting slightly with the movement. She didn’t miss him tensing as a result.

Who was looking after who?

She pulled away gently. “You need to rest.”

His hand caught her arm. “Stay. Please?”

Those same brown, puppy dog eyes that had her sneaking into the kitchen to steal sweets for him when he was twelve.


Wiping her face with her hand, she grabbed a chair and planted it next to his bed. “Okay. But only if you rest.” She sat down.

He reached out and grabbed her hand, drawing it towards himself. “Thank you.”

That smile crept slowly back onto her face, and she reached out her other hand to brush his hair out of his eyes. “Rest, Virgil.”

“Yes, ma’am.” And he closed his eyes.

As he drifted off to sleep, her smile got wider.

He truly was beautiful. More than she could ever…ever have hoped for.


Hidden in the shadows of the doorway, Sally Tracy wiped her own silent tears off her cheeks and dared to smile, too.



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