The ramblings of a Nut who should be doing something else – Adelaide, South Australia

It is 4.40am and I have been sitting here for an hour researching a variety of topics ranging from pneumothorax recovery times to the wealthiest suburb in Wellington, New Zealand so I can purchase a home away from home for the Tracy clan.

I have dozens of tabs open in my browser, some that have been open for weeks, holding information that may or may not contribute to my current story.

I also happen to know, due to past researches, which hospitals have decent helipads, and which ones require a Thunderbird to torch a nearby park.

I now know that the Weta Cave is located in Miramar, New Zealand….so tempted to park the Tracys there just for the irony.

Incidently, I know more about the diagnosis and treatment of a collapsed lung than I ever hope to need…all three varieties. I’ve read a pamphlet for patients having lung surgery. I’ve read a paper discussing pneumothorax and air travel.

I am sitting here trying to work out exactly where my next scene will start. Em’s thoughts. Scott’s thoughts. Kayo’s thoughts.

Incidently, it is pouring with rain in the middle of summer here….there is something not quite right about that. Also, bloody hell that is a lot of rain ::checks rain radar:: Oooh, a southerly…that explains the howling wind that came with it. Eh, at least my car is getting washed.

Also, I checked the climate in Wellington. It is bloody cold, I am so never living there.

Hmm, I need food. ::wanders off towards the fridge::

/End random Nutty insomnia snapshot


(Yeah, I babbling cos I’m not writing, cos I haven’t worked out the next scene in my head yet…this is supposed to be about Scott and Em, not Virgil lying in a hospital bed ::wrangles brain:: besides as several people have commented…Virgil in hospital is soooo done 😀 ::wanders off looking for ham:: )

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