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Introducing Numnut

Okay, this is seriously @the-lady-razorsharp @vegetacide @kylorr81 and @weirdburketeer ‘s faults.

Many years ago while I was writing in Stargate fandom, I discovered that as with all writers, professional or not, readers tend to expect a certain kind of fic from a certain kind of author. Gumnut writes generally angsty, hurt/comfort adventure, occasionally a little on the violent side, but mostly rated Teen and up. I also stick to canon mostly in the character relationships department.

However it soon became clear that if Gumnut started writing any ship of any kind, there would be consequences – yes, I had readers trying to tell me what I was going to write, what I could and couldn’t do, etc – which was fine for the passion it illustrated, but, well, no-one tells Nutty what she can and can’t do, I’m too much of a stubborn cow (and obviously like to write about myself in the third person ::rolls eyes:: ).

So, Numnut was born. Heads up, if you see me signing off a fic as ‘By Numnut’, expect the unexpected. Canon rules don’t apply (well, some of them), there may be Not Safe For Work, there may be ship, there has even been some slash in the past (though not much and it was written as a challenge to see if I could manage it canonically – it was quite unpleasant), but there will always be experimentation.

There has been brewing ship for me in this fandom, the flames being fanned by the inspirators above. It has been declared Virgil/Kayo despite the lack of an identifying female in the entire piece.

Scene One

Continuation of Scene One

And I just spent the entire trip home from dropping my kids off at school listening to first Virgil’s reaction to Kayo being captured (yeah, Gumnut sticks her nose in from time to time), and now Virgil and Scott having a manly talk about Virgil’s feelings for Kayo! What??? There is a bullet wound (thanks, guys, for focussing on that :D) and apparently now I have another epic to write ::headdesk:: I haven’t finished the last one yet!

And this all before breakfast.

So it appears that after many long years, Numnut will be resurrected and will ride again sometime in the future.

::loves you all for this insanity::

(off the edge, but learning to fly)

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