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I am so happy to have been gifted this wonderful artwork based on my Sotto Voce tale ‘Father’. Drawn by the wonderful Lady Equinox 😀 Thank you so much, I am so spoilt by your talent. 

It illustrates the moment where after a battle of sorts, Eos and John finally are able to hug each other in the virtual world.

Thank you, thank you, thankyou so much.

And here is another drawing of Eos by the Lady E from earlier in the series.

I am so lucky to be in such a wonderful fandom ::loves you all::

For the stories and all the artwork that has been created by you wonderful Thunderbirds people, you can find it all on my Master Story List page, which I have just updated to finally include the mess of fic I wrote during crazy November. Drop by to catch up on anything that might have been missed 😀 and it is all in timeline order.

(so, so spoilt by you wonderfuls)

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