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I watched the 1960′s movie ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’ today for the first time.

The last scene, gotta love it for the above ::giggles a little insanely:: Scott, you are definitely working those glasses 😀

(off the edge, and giggling all the way down :D)

These images do not belong to me, I’m just sharing the joy.

Reblogging, because it is definitely worth it 😀

This post is the source of the Green Dragon storyline in Warm Rain. A comment was made that Virgil above just needed a motorcycle to go with the handlebar moustache above 😀 The entire craziness is in the notes 😀 But yeah, Virg and his Harley was born here 😀

(cleaning up the gazillion tabs she has open on her iPad, and yeah, this was one of them 😀 )

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