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Green Dragon



Title: Green Dragon

Warm Rain Series

Author: Numnut

22-23 Oct 2018

Fandom: Thunderbirds Are Go 2015/ Thunderbirds TOS

Rating: Teen

Summary: He wore green dragons.

Word count: 2880

Spoilers & warnings: Virgil/Kayo

Timeline: After ‘For a Smile’ and before ‘Goodbye’.

Author’s note: For @vegetacide and @the-lady-razorsharp as
they really, really asked for it 😀 I plead coercion 😀

Disclaimer: Mine? You’ve got to be kidding. Money? Don’t
have any, don’t bother.


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Inspired by this fic …. and because @scribbles97 wanted to see a scruffy looking Virgil …

Here you both go

Hope you likey

Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow! Biker Virg! 

Look at those eyes, they are gorgeous! 😀

::bounces around like an excited little puppy::

I am so honoured 😀 ::bounces some more:: Thank you, thank you so much @soniabigcheese 😀

I think I will sit and stare at those eyes for a while ::sigh::

I will also link this into the master list for the Warm Rain AU 😀

Thank you oh so much ::huggles you like crazy::

(waking up for my first day back at work after a month off, man, this makes it so much better :D)

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