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Gentle Rain story status

My four day weekend is gone ::wails:: Now I have six days of work straight, so my writing will slow ::pouts::

Part Nine is half written. Virgil took me on a detour and derailed my ability to finish it last night ::glares at him:: Many, many thanks to @scribbles97 for some serious in depth help on that one.

I need to write some scenes where some more visitors arrive at the island, hopefully I will be able to do that tonight.

In the meantime, thank you for all your wonderful support on this story. I’ve been drowning in this 20,000 word monstrosity which is still only around half written and is likely to turn into my longest TB fic to date…if I can ever find the end of it. So much for a little prompt fic ::rolls eyes and throws marshmallows at @scribbles97 ::

In three and a half weeks I have three weeks leave coming up 😀 Mostly to paint, but there will be some writing in there, I promise.

I hope you are all having good ones ::hugs::


(Who should eat breakfast and stop typing)

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