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Gentle Rain (Part Two)

Title: Gentle

Warm Rain Series

Part Two

Author: Gumnut

15-19 Jan 2019

Thunderbirds Are Go 2015/ Thunderbirds TOS

Rating: Teen

Sometimes it is so gentle, you don’t realise it is happening.

Word count: 2344

Spoilers &
warnings: Virgil/Kayo, OC, spoilers for Warm Rain up to this point in the timeline.

Timeline: After
‘The Proposal’ and before ‘Goodbye’.

Author’s note: This
is for @scribbles97 . Thank you to all my wonderful readers and supporters who
continue to help me create more and more stories. I’m having the time of my
life, you guys are wonderful 😀

Disclaimer: Mine?
You’ve got to be kidding. Money? Don’t have any, don’t bother.


Waking in
hospital was not her favourite. She had done it many times in her thirty years
and none of those events had been pleasant. This one was proving that they
didn’t get any better.

She could smell
the hospital around her.

A frown. Vague
memories of faces, decisions, words, it seemed like dreams, all starting with
that hole and the man from International Rescue.

A pair of blue

Standing on the
second floor reaching out for him as the floor collapsed beneath them. Her
chair tipping, the world spinning, brickwork and pain.


A scream and the
sudden rushing halt of her fall.

The crushing
asphyxiation of the building on top of her.

The need to get
to him. Knowing he was there and possibly dying after all the lives he had

And she could
save him.

She had to save

The drag, the
pull, the pure force of knowing what she was likely doing to herself to get to

Her own blood on
her hands, warm in the darkness.

Timber grain
under her fingernails. Rough uniform fabric.

His breath on her

The sound of his
voice as he challenged her.

His blood.

His bloody
arguing. His fear for his sister.

The feel of his
pulse beneath her fingers.

Her own thudding
in her ears.


Scott Tracy,
International Rescue.

“Emaline?” A
female voice, persistent. “Emaline?”

Em. Name’s Em.

“Emaline? It is
time to wake up, honey.”

Honey? No-one
calls her honey. Name’s Em.

“C’mon, I know
you’re in there.” Someone touched her hand.

She opened her

White. Blue
curtains. White. A white nurse. A friendly smile. “There you are. Time for your
medication and some lunch.”

Em didn’t answer.
She just stared up at the woman. There was an interesting pattern in the
ceiling tiles. The nurse bustled off for a moment and came back with a little
cup of pills. “Would you like me to help you sit up?”

She blinked up at
the face above her and gave it a single nod. It wasn’t like she was going to be
sitting up herself anytime soon.

The back of the
bed rose up and the world settled into a more sensible perspective.

More white…and there
was another woman in her room.

“Scott Tracy.”
The words fell from her mouth before she could censor them.

The nurse glanced
at the other woman. “Yes, you have a visitor.” She straightened the sheets
around her hips, making sure she was secure and not about to topple over. “Are
you in any pain?”

“I’m fine.” Her
eyes didn’t leave the frowning green eyes across the room.

“Well, your lunch
and medication are here. Buzz, if you need me.”

Em didn’t reply
and the nurse left the room, sparing a puzzled glance at her visitor.

“How is he?”

The IR woman was
wearing a simple flowery summer dress, quite in contrast to the uniform she had
been wearing when they met. It softened her features. She took a couple of
steps closer to the bed. “Scott is recovering. Apparently, much in thanks to
you.” A dark eyebrow rose. “I hear it hasn’t gone as well for you.”

“You hear do
you?” Em smirked. “I’m sure you ‘hear’ a lot of things.”

The other eyebrow
joined its partner. “It is my job to know as much as possible about the people
who interact with International Rescue.” Her lips thinned. “In this case, I
know your recovery has not gone as well as it could have.” She tipped her head
to Em. “I’m very sorry you lost so much in saving us.”

Em looked away.
She wasn’t sure how she felt about it all. It wasn’t like she had really lost
anything. But still…and diagnoses of her own mental state spun in her head.

“It had to be
done.” The words tripped out of her mouth. But then…she looked up at the
other woman. “How is he really?” A pause. “Tell me it was worth it.”

The slightest of
smiles spread across her face. “Virgil has him tied to the bed. He’s itching to
leave.” The smile slipped. “He hates hospitals.”

Em snorted a
little. “I know how he feels.” A frown. “So, who is Virgil? The guy in the
mechano suit who busted us out?”

And the smile
returned. “Yes, Virgil is Scott’s brother.”

But Em had seen
this woman gravitate towards the super soldier. “And?”

Again with the
eyebrow. “My fiancé.”

“Well, that
explains a lot. Congratulations.”

The woman
actually flushed a little. “Thank you.”

“Got yourselves a
date yet?”

“Sometime in the
new year.”

And Em realised
that this woman wasn’t used to talking about herself.

Em frowned. “Your
name is Kayo?”


Em held out her
hand. “Doctor Emaline Harris. I’m so very pleased to meet you.”

Another reserved
smile as Kayo took her hand in a firm grip and shook it. “Kayo Kyrano, security
specialist, International Rescue.”

“That explains
even more.”

Again with the
frown. The girl was going to give herself wrinkles. “More?”

“Oh, how you
shook my hand as if you could have easily flipped me off the bed. Why you’ve
scanned the room twice in the last five minutes. And why you are here at all.”


“Don’t worry, I’m
not going to sell my story to the press, or make wild claims, or let the world
know that the great Scott Tracy has aeroplanes on his underwear…or they could
have been rabbits, it was dark at the time.”

“Scott still has

Em stared at Kayo
and then burst out laughing. “What? He actually has underwear with aeroplanes
on them?”

The security
specialist stared back at her before struggling with her own smile. “He likes
things that fly.”

“I have no

They were both
silent for a moment. Em wondered if she would ever see the man again. She felt
herself lucky to be having this conversation with Kayo. After all,
International Rescue was legendary. Legendary and ultimately mysterious. The
Tracy boys appearing when they were needed, at the world’s worst moments,
always saving lives in those giant machines of theirs.

Like superheroes.

Yet Kayo stood in
front of her now and Scott had been as fragile as any man, sprawled in the

She wondered what
he was doing right now. How he was feeling. The doctor in her wanted to follow
up on her patient, but the woman in her was just that tiny bit star struck.

She looked up at
Kayo. “Is there any chance I could speak to him?”


Scott Tracy hated
hospitals. He hated the smell, the colours, the whole invasion of his privacy,
lack of sleep, plastic pillows, cardboard sheets, the fact his family needed
permission to visit him, the pain the whole scenario put his family through,
the pain he was in himself, the medication, the food, and the boredom. Oh god,
the boredom. So yeah, Scott Tracy hated hospitals. The only thing he hated
worse than being in hospital was when it was a member of his family who was in
hospital instead, so at least he had that small grace to be thankful for, but
god, he hated this.

It sucked.

At the moment he
was alone. Kayo had been in earlier. In fact Kayo had been around quite a bit
managing his security and he knew there was a security guard outside his door.
Celebrity and all had its downsides.

Where there was
Kayo, there was often Virgil, though he was there less often, International
Rescue didn’t stop entirely just because one of them had a building collapse on
them. He had no doubt that it had immediately after his injury, but he was
recovering well now and itching to get out of the hospital.

He missed his

He missed his home.

He missed his bed.

And he was so

A beep distracted
him from his moping. A blink, a moment to think, and he realised it was coming
from the hospital issued tablet sitting on its docking arm next to the bed.

He stared at it
as it beeped again. John had hacked the hospital system within moments of him
waking from surgery. It was standard IR practise. It kept malicious hackers out
and intercepted any unauthorised communications.

John’s skill was
unsurpassed, so that meant the call was authorised. But who would want to speak
to him outside of comms?

He poked it and a
purple screen with the hospital logo sprung up.

7-991 – Emaline Harris requesting contact.

He paused. He
owed the woman his life.

But there was
still hesitation.

It beeped at him


The door to his
room swung open as Virgil walked in backwards, a cup of steaming beverage in
each hand. He was in linen pants and shirt in accordance with the apparent hot
weather outside. Not that you would know it in the hospital. He smiled the
moment his eyes landed on Scott. “I bring hot chocolate for your drinking
pleasure. It appears they make a decent one in the downstairs cafe.”

The screen beeped

“I even ordered
you an extra marshmallow in celebration of venturing into semi-solid foods.”

Scott glared at

The screen beeped

Virgil glanced at
the tablet as he put the hot chocolate on the bed table. “You gonna answer

Scott opened his

“Here.” And
Virgil touched the screen. The purple logo was replaced by a face.

Damn you, Virgil.

The smirk on his
brother’s face proved that he knew exactly what Scott was thinking.


Scott blinked and
turned back to the tablet. “Uh, hello, Doctor.”

In proper
lighting her eyes were the palest blue, in complete contrast to her almost
black hair. “Mr Tracy. How are you?”

“Good. Yourself?”

“Getting there.”

And then there
was an awkward silence.

Virgil rolled his
eyes and sat on the bed within the camera pickup. “Hi, Doctor Harris, I’m
Virgil, Scott’s brother.”

“Oh, hello,
Virgil. Thank you so much for saving us.”

To Scott’s
annoyance, his brother smiled and tipped his head. “It’s what we do, Doctor.
Thank you for looking after my brother.”

She smiled back.
“It’s what I do.” Those pale blue eyes were back on Scott. “How is he, really?”

“Bored and
cranky. This is usually a good sign.”


Virgil smirked at
him over his shoulder. “Looks like he wants to demonstrate.”

“Give me my damn
hot chocolate.”

He made a grab
for the cup, but Virgil scooped it out of his reach. “Oi, where are your



“Fine.” And he
attempted to fold his arms in a huff, but forgot the cast on the left one. The
resultant jumble of limbs did not have the pouting impact he had intended and
the sudden movement pulled the stitches in his gut reminding him of exactly why
he was in the hospital in the first place.

Virgil being
Virgil didn’t miss it.  “Hey, take it

“It was easy
until you turned up.”

“Really? Would
you like me to leave?”

Scott sighed. “Of
course not. Just give me my damned hot chocolate.”

The beverage was
pushed gently in front of him.

He watched the
steam rise from the cup and realised he really didn’t want it anyway. He closed
his eyes, letting his head lie back on the pillow. God, he hated this.

“You okay?” His
brother’s voice was quiet and obviously concerned.

“Do I look okay?
Why does everyone keep asking me that?”

Virgil didn’t
answer. He simply raised a single dark eyebrow.

Scott wanted to
yell at him, but he knew this wasn’t Virgil’s fault. He just…damn it. “I’m
sorry, Virg, I really am, I’m just…” He rubbed his face with the hand that
wasn’t wrapped in plaster. “This sucks.”

A hand landed on
his knee, the one that wasn’t broken, and squeezed gently. “I know.” And those
brown eyes understood. They really did. “Tell me what you want, and you’ll have

Scott glared at
him. His brother held up his hands. “I’m not kidding, Scott, whatever you want
and if it is in my power, I’ll find a way to make it happen.”

He meant it.
Scott stared at him. “Anything?”


It sounded like a
joke, but it wasn’t. Virgil was his steadfast, straight forward brother, he
rarely said it if he didn’t mean it.

He meant it.

But Scott found
he didn’t really need anything.

He had everything
he could possibly ever want. Well, what Virgil was able to give him anyway.

He sighed. “I’m
sorry, Virg.”

That hand
squeezed his knee again. “I know. It sucks.”

Virgil’s comm chose
that very moment to go off. His brother’s shoulders immediately slumped. “Yes,
John?” Scott couldn’t hear what was said, but Virgil’s expression said it all,
followed by a quiet, “FAB.”

questioning glance was answered. “Situation in the Pyrenees. Climbing party

His brother had
stashed his ‘bird at the local GDF airbase. The Thunderbird couldn’t launch as
fast as she could from the island, but she would be in the air momentarily
under John’s control. Virgil had stashed a pod in the carpark. His brother was
minutes away from being airborne.

Something in
Scott’s gut that had nothing to do with his injury, twisted. His eyes caught
Virgil’s. “Fly safe.”

That hand landed
on his knee once more and squeezed. “Always. Now you drink your chocolate and
I’ll see you later.”


And Virgil was
turning and out the door before he could say anything further.

As the door shut,
the silence in the room wrapped around him, ominous. He dropped his head into
his hand rubbing his eyes. Damn it.

The chocolate was
no longer steaming, but it sat there staring at him.

“You know, a lack
of appetite is common after abdominal surgery.”

The voice was
quiet, but he jumped anyway and found that pair of ice blue eyes fixed on him,
staring out from the tablet that had been sitting there this whole time.


End Part Two.

Part Three

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