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Gentle Rain (Part Ten)

Title: Gentle

Warm Rain Series

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Author: Gumnut

30 Jan – 3 Feb

Thunderbirds Are Go 2015/ Thunderbirds TOS

Rating: Teen

Sometimes it is so gentle, you don’t realise it is happening.

Word count: 2555

Spoilers &
warnings: Virgil/Kayo, Scott/OC, spoilers for Warm Rain up to this point in the

Timeline: Six
months after ‘The Proposal’, almost a sequel.

Author’s note: For @scribbles97 Well, anyone reading my Tumblr will know this part set me kicking
and screaming and multiple headdesking. I got stuck and it wouldn’t write and I
didn’t have a fun time. However last night I broke the first dam and this
morning the second one kicked over and hooray, here be Part Ten. It should also be noted that somehow, Virgil is completely absent from this part. Please don’t hate me. This may have been why it was so hard to write – it may be my only fic bit without Virg ever. But he will be back, cos I have evil plans! Many thanks to
both @scribbles97 and @the-lady-razorsharp for putting up with my extensive wailing
and moaning and also for your wonderful support and help. And to all of you who
have waited the extra few days while I kicked my brain into gear, thank you 😀

Disclaimer: Mine?
You’ve got to be kidding. Money? Don’t have any, don’t bother.


“So what are your intentions towards Scott

Em stopped in the middle of the path.
“Excuse me?”

The blonde woman’s expression was mild,
perhaps a little curious. “You are obviously attracted to him.”

“And that is your business, how?” Oh, god,
he didn’t have a girlfriend, did he? Her heart sank. He obviously liked this
woman, greeting her with warmth. But then, it had been Scott who had taken her
hand and then there was Kayo. Em frowned. There was no way his sister would let
her anywhere near her brother if that had been the case. “Who are you to Scott

That perfectly plucked eyebrow rose at her.
“Nothing more than a concerned friend.”

“Who has what to be concerned about?”

“Ms Harris,” and the woman squared her
stance with Em’s. “The Tracy brothers are a unique situation. Do you think you
are up to the challenge?”

“It is Doctor Harris, and I don’t see
anyone, much less a Tracy, as sport.” She spun on the spot and continued at a
walking pace down to the edge of the cliff in front of the house. Hovering on
the edge, she stared out to the ocean. It was still a stunning colour, its
turquoise stained by the yellows shed by the sky. But her stomach was
unsettled. What did this woman want from her? Was she being warned off? Was she
a ‘friend’ who believed she owned more than she did? What did she want with
Scott Tracy?

She turned the ‘scoot around slowly to face
Penelope. “What do you want?”

The woman smiled. “Simply to ensure Scott’s

Em sighed, her shoulders dropping. “Then
you’re failing miserably. The man nearly got himself killed a few weeks back.”

“Some things simply can’t be helped.”

“Really? Well, they should be. These men
are not superhuman, yet they are attempting superhuman feats. Virgil and Gordon
were nearly killed this morning.” She was still seeing that wave attempting to
engulf Thunderbird Two.

The woman didn’t react. “It comes with the
territory. The question is, are you prepared to deal with the situation.”

Em locked her gaze into those challenging
blue eyes, advancing instinctively, her fingers twitching on the ‘scoot’s
controls in her palms as she fisted her hands. “I have dealt with life and
death my entire career, with no small amount of consideration for my own and my
family’s. I can ‘deal’ with the situation, Penelope.” Screw the ‘Lady’ part of
the equation, she wasn’t acting like one. “It doesn’t mean I have to accept
it.” Her blood boiled. “As for my ‘intentions’ towards Scott Tracy. That is my
business, his business and has zero to do with anyone else. Quite frankly, your
‘ladyship’, you can bugger off.”

Again with the delicate arched eyebrow. “I
see.” Pressed lips. “There was no need to resort to profanity.”

“I will resort to whatever the hell I have

“That is good to know.” And Penelope turned
back towards the house. “Now come, my dear, we have a new guest to meet.” A
sudden roar of jet engines and Tracy Two was once again on approach to the

Em stumbled mentally. What?

A glance at the landing aircraft and
another at the elegant woman walking back up the path. The hell? Was that a

She grit her teeth.

Turning back to the ocean, she forced
herself to calm down. There was no way she was letting this woman get under her

The waves lapped at the bottom of the cliff
mocking her.

Too bad she already had.


Scott loved his grandmother. He admired her
for her spirit, her strength and her character. But the woman knew how to
curdle a grandson’s stomach, and not just with her cooking.

As they all entered the comms room, Sally
was hanging off her guest’s arm like an escort girl off a playboy at a party,
and grinning just as guilelessly. Not really the position of a respected elder.
Fortunately, the man she was ogling had more than two cents between his ears
and was treating her kindly, not a little smitten himself.

He better.

Scott was still unsure of what he thought
about his grandmother’s relatively new relationship. She had expressed so much
eagerness the first time she set eyes on the man. Virgil’s hero worship hadn’t

Scott sighed. The man seemed genuine enough
and kindly, but he set off Scott’s protective instincts, both on his
grandmother’s behalf and oddly regarding Virgil as well. He swore Virgil
regressed in age around the man. Even Kayo had commented on it. It was almost
as if his brother had found his messiah or something.

It made Scott uncomfortable.

But the man checked out. Kayo and Penelope
had reassured him of this on several fronts. He was an honest man and he
appeared to have an honest fondness for his grandmother. He even treated Virgil
like a tolerant grandfather.

Scott eyed Grandma still staring up into
the man’s eyes.

It sounded primitive, but he better treat
his family kindly otherwise he’d park Thunderbird One’s rockets on his head and
torch him with her afterburners.

A gasp. “Uncle Crispin?”

The non-sequitur echoed through the room
like a ricochet.

Kip Harris looked up in astonishment.

Scott stared at Em who had just come up the
stairs behind Penny. He turned back to Kip…Harris. “You have got to be
kidding me.”

But the man’s eyes were only for Em,
widening in horror. “My god, Emaline! What happened?”


Em stared at the only remaining member of
her family. Her father’s brother. He was staring at her, shock in his eyes.

She became very conscious of being half the
woman she used to be, of the Tracys in the room, of the eyes staring at her in

Penelope’s blue gaze.


Oh god.

Something was stuck in her throat.

She wasn’t ready for this.

Her heart thudded in her chest and she
suddenly couldn’t get enough air. She had to get out.


With the echo of a pair of worried blue
eyes following her, she activated the ‘scoot, backed away, tore down the stairs
and out onto the patio desperate to escape. There had to be a way…

There. She tore between the pam trees and
out onto a path that led who knew where.


If Scott had been more mobile, he might
have grabbed her before she could have run, but he wasn’t.

Instead, he turned to his grandmother’s
boyfriend, eyes blazing. “What the hell was that?”

But the man seemed truly in shock.
“When…how did she lose her legs?”

Scott blinked. “What?”

A hand landed on his arm. “Scott.” He
looked up to find Penny standing beside him. “Follow her.” There was something
in the woman’s eyes and her voice dropped to a whisper. “She’s dealing with
more than you know.”

His eyes widened and worry set in. With a
glance at his grandmother who was moving to console Kip, he tore out of the
room as fast as Thunderbird imPatient could take him.


The path wound its way around the edge of
the island and before she knew it, she was beside the island’s runway, its
parade of palm trees waving in the wind.

Each breath had become a sob. A harsh
indrawn gasp followed by an incoherent whimper. She…it just…oh god….she
should never have come. What could they possibly be thinking of her? What could
he be thinking?

And to run like that. What had happened to
her spine? Where was her strength? Why was she sobbing instead of snarling?

She let the ‘scoot drift, not caring where
it took her, and not surprised when it collided with a straggly bush beside the
cliff overlooking the ocean. Her eyes caught the waves far below, but they
blurred with unshed tears.

And she was crying.

All of it. The accident, Scott’s injuries,
her injuries, the loss of her legs, becoming friends with legends, travelling
to Tracy Island, Virgil’s injuries, the cyclone and Thunderbird Two, Scott, his
kiss, his smile, his eyes, his voice…


Oh, god, no.

She hid her face in her hands, desperately
attempting to straighten herself out. Fear, mortification, embarrassment.

There was a hand on her arm.

And he was turning her, drawing her to him,
reaching up to pull her down to his height, his one arm as strong as it had
been earlier in the day, his broken arm, flailing for grip.

And it was his broken arm that caused her
to give in. She couldn’t have him doing himself anymore damage. She couldn’t.

Just couldn’t.

The ‘scoot dropped and he grabbed her. And
she gave in, dropped her shields and let it all go.

Crying all over his shoulder, leaving tear
stains on his shirt. But she couldn’t stop, it was just too much.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

He was saying something, but she couldn’t
hear him over her sobbing. He was holding her tight.

She shouldn’t be doing this. She should be
strong. Em Bloody Harris…oh, hell. Another rush of tears. God, what was he
thinking of her?

He was stroking her hair, combing fingers
through her curls.

It was strangely calming.


And finally she could hear him. It was a
mantra. “It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay.” One for each stroke of his hand.

Like a heartbeat.

She focussed on it. He kept doing it.

Her breathing evened out. It was lulling
and she was exhausted.

He kissed her hair and she let herself
simply drift in his arms. Safe.

Time hung.


She blinked wet lashes, almost half asleep,
and realised what she was doing.

Oh god.

She struggled to sit up, to regain a
modicum of dignity, but he wouldn’t let her go.

“It’s okay. Stay there.” He had his fingers
in her hair again, soothing. “It’s okay.”

Her heart twisted, but she was tired of
fighting, tired of keeping it all together. She let a breath go and sagged into
him. He held her tight.

“I think we need to talk.” His voice was
quiet and undemanding. Her breath hitched a moment, but she knew he was right.
She owed him an explanation.

But the words wouldn’t come.

“Did you lose your legs in Perth?”

Her breath caught in her throat and it came
out parched. “Yes.” She was glad she couldn’t see his face.

His grip tightened on her arm. “Why didn’t
you tell me? All this time..” He stopped talking and resumed stroking her hair.
“What happened under that building?”

And still she couldn’t say it. She didn’t
want him to know, yet she had screwed it all up royally. Hell, half his family
knew already and it wouldn’t be fair to keep him in the dark. But still she
couldn’t say it.

A sharp indrawn breath. “What did you do?
You came to me. You helped me. What happened, Em?”

There was fear in his voice. “I didn’t want
to tell you.” Her voice was faint. She could hardly hear herself. “It wasn’t
your fault.”

“My fault? Hell, what did you do?”

She had to sit up. She had to look him in
the eye. He deserved that much.

He let her go and she straightened,
catching her first sight of his worried blue eyes. She swallowed and forced her
voice to work. “You were bleeding badly, but I couldn’t reach you. I was
pinned. I knew that if I didn’t help you, your chances were not good. So
I…got myself out from under the rubble to reach you.” He was staring at her
in horror. She panicked grabbing his arms. “I didn’t feel it. It didn’t hurt.
I’ve been a paraplegic for over five years. So I haven’t really lost anything.
They were useless anyway.” At least that is what she was going to tell herself
for the rest of her life.

He was still staring at her, his gorgeous
blue eyes still horrified. She hurried to continue. “It was my choice. You couldn’t
die. You and your brothers have sacrificed so much. I couldn’t let you die.”
She straightened, grasping for that spine she had, the one that actually worked
when she wasn’t a sobbing mess. “It was my choice.”

Still he didn’t say anything. A swallow and
his stare continued, but she could see his mind racing behind those eyes. What
was he thinking? His lips parted, but still nothing came out.

And suddenly she was in his arms and he was
crushing her to him.

She gasped, the hoverscoot slipping out
from under her, only staying attached due to her harness. Her weight was all on
him and she was suddenly aware of his pounding heart beating through his
ribcage into hers.

But most of all she was aware that the
bloody idiot was putting pressure on his injured ribs and abdomen and if she
didn’t move, she was likely going to hurt him. But she couldn’t get purchase
and he wouldn’t let go.

“Don’t you dare hurt yourself.” She said it
muffled into his shoulder.

Still he said nothing, just clung to her.
She couldn’t see his face. She had no idea what he was thinking.


No answer.


His shoulders straightened under her and he
was letting her go. She could feel his shields going up and when she was
finally able to get her ‘scoot back under her, he had regained his composure
with the exception of a sparkle in his eyes. She swallowed. He had called on
the commander of International Rescue.

She still had no idea what he was thinking.

Had she ruined everything?

He reached out and took her hand. “Thank
you, Em.” He looked down at their hands, his head shaking slowly. “I don’t know
how I can ever repay you for such a…sacrifice.” His voice broke on the last

She flared up. “You don’t owe me anything,
Scott. It was my decision.”


“No!” And now she was angry. “There is no
debt. It was my choice, Scott Tracy, don’t you dare try to take that away from
me.” Softer. “Please don’t let this come between us.”

Us. She shivered. Was there an ‘us’?

Something sparked in that blue. He brought
her hand to his lips and kissed her fingers. “Us?” He smiled the most alluring
smile he had deployed on her yet, his eyes peering up at her through his long,
dark lashes.

“Oh, you shit.” She thwapped him on his
shoulder, just as he grabbed for her again around her waist drawing her in, his
smile becoming a grin as she squirmed.

And then they were nose to nose, his eyes
were sparkling again and he was kissing her.

There was something there that wasn’t there
before, something passionate, something urgent, he needed something and she had

She saw stars as he took her breath away.

When he finally let her go, her head was
spinning and her body reacting. Bloody hell.

His hand cupped her cheek and her vision
was full of those gorgeous blue eyes again. He kissed her gently once more. His
voice was little more than breath. “Thank you, Em.”

Caught, her own voice as breathless as his,
all she could say was, “You’re welcome.”


End Part Ten.

Part Eleven

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