The ramblings of a Nut who should be doing something else – Adelaide, South Australia

Feeling Good 😀

I’m feeling good today. No work, I’m set up on the back porch. We had some rain during the night, so it is quite cool (my feet are cold, hurry up sun, warm us up again :D). I have about 1000 words or so of the next chapter to write, poor Virg. There is plot. I’m excited.

I also have this urge to

– photograph birds

– paint my current painting

– bead weave some new jewellery

This is the problem with having too many hobbies.

I’m ignoring the client work list today ::hides:: I’ve worked too much over the last fortnight and desperately need some downtime otherwise Nutty will go seriously nuts and that is never fun.

Nutty needs creative time!

So without any further babbling, I’m turning on the music, let the writing begin!


(Yeah, read the name, expect the same :D)

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