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Dunno if I’ll keep this bit, might chuck it and change perspective, but this is all I’ve managed to write in the last 48 hours. ::sigh::

Scott caught Virgil by his baldric, barely
managing to prevent his head from colliding with the floor. Damn he was heavy.

A grunt as he staggered under his brother’s
weight, and Gordon was throwing himself over the lounge, grabbing the
engineer’s other side. Together they lowered him to a sitting position on the

“I stink.”

Eldest and second youngest exchanged a
worried glance. Scott crouched down beside Virgil, wrapping an arm around his
brother’s shoulders in an attempt to steady him. “Virgil?” But his brother’s
gaze was vague and he didn’t answer. Again. “Virgil?” He gently shook his

There was the clatter of a dropped plate,
and Grandma was kneeling beside them. Virgil responded immediately. “Hey,

“Hello, Virgil.” She reached out to touch
his face, but Virgil recoiled, pushing backwards into Scott. “How are you

“Like shit.”

If there was any symptom that could
indicate there was something wrong with his brother, it was swearing in front
of Grandma. Scott’s grip on Virgil’s shoulders tightened just a little more.

But Grandma didn’t say anything, her
concern solely on her second eldest grandson. “Are you hurting anywhere?”

“Everywhere.” It was said with such
weariness, such resignation, and suddenly his brother was sliding from his
grip, once again falling to the floor.

“Virgil!” But his brother’s eyes were
slipping closed. Lowering him gently, Scott waved an arm at Gordon. “Pillow.” A
pillow materialised in his hand and Scott tucked it gently under Virgil’s head.

And finally, his brother responded. “Oh,
god, that is good.” A smile of relief spread across his face, shortly before
his facial muscles relaxed into unconsciousness.

“Virgil?!” Scott shook his shoulders again.



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