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Dear Brain

Thank you for the not-so-entertaining and rather stressful dream of losing my nose.

In an artistic sense, I do appreciate my facial features. Why you chose tonight to rip one of them off and then have me walk through my workplace is mistifying to say the least. I’m going to chalk it up with all those dreams of my teeth going black and flaking out of my mouth, but those at least I can attribute to dentists and orthodontists as a kid (and apparently stress, a book told me once).

This one was new.

I particularly ‘enjoyed’ the ability to look in the mirror to see what I looked like without most of the cartilage of my nose. Thankyou for being so detailed and visually capable. Please note that I am now able to sympathise with anyone needing facial surgery.

The mad panic of trying to put my nose back together was icing on the cake. And let’s not forget the sincere trepidation of touching my nose upon waking to make sure it was actually there and that the fact it was missing was only yet another stressful random invention of my creative brain.

Thank you so much for the trauma.



(What the frickin’ hell?????)

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