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Building a Kayo

Can you imagine growing up as the only girl amongst the five high achieving Tracy boys?

Kayo has very little background in Thunderbirds Are Go, and I hate to say it, but her character feels very much like ‘the necessary girl character’. Which isn’t bad, as the character she was based on, Tin Tin, suffered from the time period as all the female characters did to a certain extent. She is upgraded, can kick ass with the boys (umm, actually can kick all the boys’ asses) and now flies her own ship. Slowly her character is evolving, but she hasn’t been my favourite.

In my Sotto Voce story, I managed to forget to add her in – this is an example of how important I considered her character. In fact, she is basically missing from that entire universe. This can be fixed, as I know what she was doing for at least part of it, I just need to write it.

But then some of you challenged me to write Warm Rain, and suddenly I’m writing a romance (something I have never done before, incidently, so new territory for me as a writer :D).

So now I’m building a Kayo. She isn’t a canon Kayo, but she is based on her.

So what major character traits do you see in Kayo?

She’s kick ass. Security specialist. Tough as nails

In the first ep she was feeling inadequate. Why didn’t she have a ship prior to this? Did Alan take priority? Was she late to the IR game?

She has been with the family from very early on.

Her father is dead. Her uncle is an a-hole. Her mother?

In my head, I’m thinking she feels somewhat as a second string to the Tracy family. She is their sister, and they treat her as such, but she is not a Tracy and may have a touch of poor cousin syndrome (all from her, not them). This is why she is so hesitant to start a romantic relationship with Virgil. She doesn’t see herself as good enough for him – hence the angst. Let’s face it, each of the Tracy boys are daunting in their achievements, even Alan has admitted to it (Long Haul). She loves them, there is no doubt, but they are so morally coded, so disciplined, so self sacrificing, that it would be a lot to live up to. And I don’t think Kayo is as morally disciplined as the Tracy boys – she can’t afford to be. This is shown several times in the show where she hunts down the bad guys and ticks off Scott (who is just worried she’ll get herself hurt).

So are there any characteristics of Kayo that I should be aware of that I might have missed?

Any headcanon you think I could include?

Why do you see her with Virgil?


(At the romance frontier :D)

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