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Another bit from the court fic in progress. Man this is stretching me. Talk about a challenge writing about something I know nothing about and have no plot line and am basically making up on the spot ::eyes evil inspirators:: You are making me work hard 😀

Scott took his seat in the defendant’s position and, to his surprise, Virgil sat next to him.

“What are you doing here?”

Virgil grunted as he got as comfortable as he could in the chair. “If you think you’re going through this by yourself, dream on.” His brother straightened up and stared towards where the judge would eventually appear. “John has Gordon and Alan. I have you.”

Scott blinked and twisted in his chair. Directly behind were his three remaining brothers, lined up in the public gallery, Kayo beside them. Gordon grinned at him.

“Where is he? I know he will be here.” The whiny voice and in waltzed Fischler. He was followed by an elegantly dressed woman, a dark haired man with a distracted expression, and a flock of lawyers. Fischler’s half aware eyes roamed over the courtroom until they landed on Scott. They frowned and then skipped to his right and narrowed on Virgil.

Scott frowned. He couldn’t possibly…

“There he is! That’s the guy who flies the green thing. He’s the one who shot down your collectors, Perce.” The man standing next to Fischler latched his eyes onto Virgil as well. Scott had the urge to step in front of his brother yet again. Perce’s lips thinned.

Both men suddenly had their arms grabbed by the woman as their lawyers shuffled past. She dragged the both of them into the public gallery, muttering something Scott couldn’t hear. They planted themselves at the far end of the seating well away from anyone sporting the name ‘Tracy’. Kayo eyed them with a death glare.

Virgil, unable to twist around, didn’t pay them any attention. Scott forced himself to turn around and face the front.

They all stood as the Judge walked in.

Scott sighed as he stuck out his arm to help his brother to his feet.

This was going to be a long day.


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