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After Goodbye

This is set just after ‘Goodbye’. I felt like writing a mood piece and this is what happened. Warm Rain series, Virgil/Kayo.

Long before dawn, the sky barely tinting as the far away sun only just started to make its presence known.

Virgil stepped through the hangar door and out onto the runway. He didn’t often see the landing strip from this perspective, but he needed a moment out of the confines of the concrete and the artificial lighting.

The chill of the morning dark caressed his face.

He pulled down his rolled up sleeves and took a deep breath, revelling in the scent of the ocean. His boots made hardly any sound as he walked along the strip. The reinforced concrete was stained by the repeated skid marks and VTOL of landing his ‘bird. Not too obvious to the untrained eye, but up close he could see the interwoven lines of specialised silicon rubber trailing back and forth. Hell, he could see the scuff and burn from his crash landings.

The strip had seen many a takeoff, many a return. The artificial palms creaked in the breeze.

A lonely cry echoed in the sky and he looked up, astonished, to see an albatross fly overhead. Its massive wings spread to catch that breeze and keep it aloft, it circled above the island as if seeking a thermal, but unable to find one.

He stared up at it.

It cried out again.

And then passed beyond the mountain and out of sight.

Superstition had the albatross as a sign of good luck.

Virgil would take all the luck he could get.

He really shouldn’t be taking this moment. Scott would be up soon, Gordon not far behind. He needed to be gone.

But he wanted one last look.

Turning back to see his home from the end of the runway, he could make out the lights of the villa in the distance. In their room, in their bed, lay his beautiful wife. His eyes traced the faint outline of the building that held her. The moments from the previous night teased him. Her touch. Her love.

Just her.

He did not want to leave.

But he had to.

The price was just too high.

All those children. His brow crinkled.

The albatross screamed in the distance.

Virgil turned and walked back the way he had come. Tracy Two was waiting for him.

He fingered his rings, the etched dragons taunted him.

I’m sorry, Kayo.

Everything hurt.

Oh god, I’m so so sorry.


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