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A Warm Rain Halloween

In my dopiness last night I forgot to mention a few things about this fic.

This Halloween fic evolved from this post prompted by @kattenjager1 and yet again other evil inspirators (read @vegetacide @the-lady-razorsharp  @ojamajomary amongst others)  playing with my plot bunnies.

It should be noted that I have very little control over my muse. It pretty much does what it wants when it wants and you should see the mess that results when I try to defy it (yes, I’m weak). So despite having been distracted by both a Virg on a motorcycle (from a previous inspirator coercion! – my god, that was a doozy of a discussion) and a Virg who really stuffed up his proposal big time (man, that hurt), I have had this idea floating around in the back of my head on the must write list.

Unfortunately, I’m also a poor decision maker and have a huge pile of situations lined up and can’t choose which one. So I have decided that this fic is one of at least five – yes, five Halloween fics, I’m insane (but you knew that already). The one that is currently being written, which you would know if I had bothered to put a title on it, is Halloween Three. Coming off The Proposal, I couldn’t resist it. And it looks like it is going to be much more in depth than I had planned. Numnut is still fighting with Gumnut who wants to put a bomb in a pumpkin (my head is a mess).

Anyway, the reason for this post is to reassure those of you who made requests for this fic, that I haven’t forgotten you. There will be (theoretically, at some point, of varying length and quality) more Halloween fics in this universe. These may include, but not be limited to:

  • A Prince Charming costume
  • A black leather catsuit with a prehensile tail (yes, Brains put his finger in the pie)
  • Feathers
  • Togas
  • This – thankyou @the-lady-razorsharp
  • An embarrassed Scott
  • and various shenanigans.

It should also be noted that because I’m Australian, I did not grow up with the Halloween tradition (it is creeping into our country now, but has a overly commercialised aspect that has me rebelling, so, yeah, we don’t celebrate), so I’m writing outside my cultural knowledge, hence apologies if I trip over something obvious.

Also, as mentioned at the beginning of the fic, my posting will be wonky over November due to RL commitments (and yes, I should be working right now ::hides:: ).

Anyways, in summary, please bear with me, and I hope we all have some fun. Including Virgil for a change 😀 ::ties Gumnut to a chair::

Best wishes,
(there was an edge? Flapping my wings like crazy)

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