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A revelation

Did this happen every time they went out? Was death always this close? Would she have to sit here and watch Scott risk his life day after day?

The future stretched out before her in a roadmap of pain.

And it hurt.

His blue eyes glanced in her direction, caught her stare and frowned. “Em?”

She bit her lip and realised she loved him.

A blink and a wave of fear.

She hardly knew him, yet…

“Are you okay?”

Bloody hell.

She found her voice. “I’m…I’m fine. I want to see Virgil as soon as he gets back.”

“You will. Even if I have to hog tie him.”

It should be noted that Nutty drank a can of Coke with her dinner tonight and is now high as a kite…this is why I don’t drink coffee ::spins around, arms spread out wide and laughing:: Now let’s do some writing, yeah!

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