The ramblings of a Nut who should be doing something else – Adelaide, South Australia

A little intro

And I’m thinking since I’m new here, a little intro wouldn’t hurt.

Hi, I’m Nutty 😀 Nutty the Slightly Unstable Dwarf, a name that has its origins in where I live…and Stargate fandom (long story). Incidentally, a gumnut is the woody fruit of eucalypt trees, a dominant tree in Australia – I am not a fan of chewing gum 😀

In RL, I’m a practising artist and designer. I paint in acrylics, I draw, I bead weave jewellery and I have a nice set of graphic design skills up my sleeve as well.

In fandom…my original fandom is Star Trek: TOS, though I also love AOS. I have written in Star Trek: TOS, Stargate and Knight Rider fandoms mainly, and all of that was nearly ten years ago (before I had my two kids). Just recently I sat down for lunch one Saturday and landed in the first episode of Thunderbirds Are Go. In the last three weeks I’ve written around 27,000 words in this wonderful new fandom. This also means that I have yet to finish the painting on my easel which is due for an exhibition in a couple of weeks…such sweet distraction…augh. When I say I really should be doing something else, I’m stating a fact.

In any case, a big wave to you all here at my new home and thank you all for the wonderful welcome to this fandom. I hope to provide the occasional piece of entertainment. So far poor Virgil hates me as 26,995 of those words dragged him through the mud. The other five words were ‘FIN’ at the end of each of the five fics.

Apart from the fics you will likely find art and jewellery on this blog as RL tends to bleed in from time to time. Also I’m not called Nutty for nothing, I like quirky lines, emotional writing and bending the English language to its limits.

If you are interested in my RL art you can find it at Gumnut Inspired where I get to play with paint, beads and my camera and actually get paid for it. 

This new blog here? This is where I play for free and plan to do anything and everything I like (when I get time). 

If you are looking for more of my fic, you can find me on both and AO3 under the name Gumnut.

I hope you enjoy my scribbling.

Best wishes,
(off the edge, but learning to fly)

Oh, and this is the work-in-progress painting I’ve been neglecting while beating up poor Virgil. It is a little further along now, but still not finished.

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