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A character treats another character to something nice


-what’s the occasion? 

-is it out of appreciation or are they
trying to get a favor or maybe to distract them from something bad or do they owe a debt?

-how does the receiving character react?

Title: Home

Warm Rain Series

Author: Gumnut

2 Nov 2018

Fandom: Thunderbirds Are Go 2015/ Thunderbirds TOS

Rating: Teen

Summary: It had been a horribly long day.

Word count: 1381

Spoilers & warnings: Virgil/Kayo

Timeline: Before ‘The Proposal’.

Author’s note: This is random, because I’m too tired to write plot or anything that makes sense. Consequently this has no plot whatsoever and nothing much really happens. If you are tired, this may even get you to relax and fall asleep 😀 I hope you enjoy it anyway 😀

Disclaimer: Mine? You’ve got to be kidding. Money? Don’t have any, don’t bother.


It had been a horribly long day.

Virgil rolled his left shoulder, his baldric shifting with the movement, rubbing against the tough fabric of his uniform. Everything ached.

The slog from the hangers to the villa took forever, and had too many stairs, and by the time he made it to the residential levels, he was about to give up, find a corner of the corridor and just crash.

As he finally approached his room, he found his door ajar and soft music wafting through the gap.

Just want to sleep.

He leant against the wall outside his door, forehead to the softly textured drywall, eyes closed. The kitbag he was carrying in his right hand dropped to the floor.

Just a minute.

A minute.

A hand brushed against his cheek, soft skin catching on his stubble.

“Love, come inside.”

His eyes stayed closed, but he leant into her touch.

“C’mon. I’ve run the bath.”

And she was leading him, her hand on his arm, gently drawing him through the door.

He let her.

The door clicked softly closed behind him.

The music was a little louder now, but still wafting through the air. He realised he recognised the tune. It was one of his own recordings. One he had written for her. He smiled despite himself, and reaching down, kissed her softly.

She responded, but pulled away shortly, fiddling with the buckles on his baldric. “Let’s get you out of these.”

The links on his belt clinked as he unfastened the harness, letting it drop to the floor. The baldric caught on his hair as he lifted it over his head, but her hands were there, tugging it gently from his grasp until it too, lay discarded on the floor.

She unstrapped the remote from his wrist and pulled off his glove, quickly followed by its partner. The air in the room caught his sweat-damp hands and cooled them.

The rip of microvelcro and his scuff pads fell discarded at his feet.

He touched a finger to her cheek. “Love you.”

She smiled just a little. “I love you, too, but you smell and you are exhausted.” Her hand cupped his cheek. “Bath and then bed.”

Her green eyes were just beautiful.

A tug of a heavy duty zipper, and she was pulling his uniform off his shoulders. When she yanked on his right side, he couldn’t help but flinch.

“What’s wrong?”

He sighed. “Nothing. Just wrenched it pulling Gordon back into Two.”

Those eyes measured him up before she continued to peel off his uniform.

This would be so much more fun if he had the energy.

His arms clear, she let the material drop to his waist. Removing the helmet seal, she gently pulled off his undershirt, dropping that, too, to the floor, before examining his shoulder thoroughly, inspecting the damage.

He wondered if she used that expression when assessing Thunderbird Shadow.

Her fingers touching his skin made him shiver as the cooler air evaporated perspiration.

He caught her hands. “I’m fine.”

Her lips thinned. “No, you are not.” But she pulled his fingers up and kissed them softly. “Now, drop your drawers, beautiful.”

A stare and a smirk, and he removed his boots and the remainder of his uniform as she disappeared into the bathroom.

Steam floated out the door and he was drawn in to follow her.

She had filled the large bath until almost full, aromatics drifted up from its steaming surface. The lure of the hot water was calling him.

“Get in, love.” And she was divesting herself of her clothing, obviously intending to join him.

The first step in was stimulating. The slow immersion of his aching body was ecstasy.


He closed his eyes, relaxing gently against the curve of the porcelain. The heat worked its way in, releasing tension, unwinding muscle.

“Oh, god.”

It was wonderful.

And for a moment, he just existed, breathing fragrant steam.

Water movement and slim hands were touching him, and he let her shift him as he floated a little. She slipped behind and settled him back against her. Her softness cushioned his body, his head coming to rest back against her shoulder.

He was so much bigger than she and he immediately felt their positions should be reversed and he moved to make it so. But she held him back. “Relax, love, I’ve got you.”

Her hands wrapped around his chest, and he sighed, letting it all go. No question of trust.

She had him.

And she loved him.


Time hung for awhile, the only movement the thermals rising from the hot surface of the water, and if she hadn’t moved, he would have drifted off to sleep right there. Quite happily.

But there was a long day to wash from his skin.

Her body moved against him as she reached for the body soap. He resisted almost petulantly, wanting nothing more than to dose off right there and then. But she began to wash him.

If the water was relaxing, then at her touch he came undone.

She lathered soap across his shoulders and torso, clever fingers pushing, kneading, working out the knots that had knotted knots. He groaned as she dug her fingers into his trapezius at the curve of his neck and back down into his shoulder. His whole body began to melt into the water it just felt so good.

Her hands found his sides, his abdomen, soap frothed, floating across the water’s surface as her hands slipped below it.

She shifted her position, moving slowly out from behind him, letting his rest once again against the warm porcelain, and then she was working his thigh, massaging down the length of his leg, first one, then the other.

At any other time, he might have reached up, wrapped his arms around her, and drawn her down into a kiss, a caress, and bedroom activities that had nothing to do with sleep. But the simple gesture of a slight hand on his chest, a gentle kiss on his forehead, and he had permission to just fall, to just be, and to take what she was so lovingly giving him.

Once she decided he was clean, she curled up beside him, resting her head on his shoulder and wrapping her arms around his chest.

They didn’t speak.

The gentle lap of water.


He drifted.

Her soft voice. “Time for bed.”

“Mmmm.” He didn’t want to move.

But she disturbed the silence, by shifting away and standing up, stepping out of the bath. Water splashed and dripped. “Come, Virgil love, you’ll be safer in bed.”

Her hand took one of his.

And he forced himself out of the bath. He took the towel and dried himself, running it through his hair to soak up the dampness.

As he stumbled almost blindly into the bedroom, he caught a flashback to the days before he and Kayo. Days where he had been equally tired and fallen to bed sometimes still half in his uniform. The time he had woken and found he’d bled all over his pillow because he had forgotten to dress a cut on his forehead.

Those days were gone.

Some days it was Kayo who came home dead on her feet. Others were like today. When they both came back wrecked, they still had each other. They still made sure the other was safe, cared for, loved with every touch.

There were days when this job just simply hurt.

And those days were the days they valued each other more than any other.

Virgil let himself drop to the soft mattress, falling flat on his belly, grabbing the pillow and automatically snuggling himself into it. Kayo followed and touched his back, massaging just gently, until he rolled over, wrapped her in his arms, and drew her down to the bed, curling his body around her.

She came willingly, her hands over his. Twisting for just a moment, she caught him in a kiss before reaching over and turning off the light.

Darkness fell.

“I love you.” Whispered into her ear.

Her hands squeezed his as she whispered back. “Love you back.”

And the world faded as he drifted off to sleep.





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